Chloë Plays with Wiffie

Playing with Wiffie, my plastic baseball, is my favorite indoor pastime. It is better than tug and better than tackling Mike and biting his nose. It is almost as good as eating. Even after a 90-minute walk that included several batches of fetch and catch, I still have room for Wiffie. It’s a lot like Jello in that respect.

This video demonstrates a lot of my Wiffie game moves, including the backspin pass, the Foosball-like richochet shot, and my total disregard for any obstacles, most notably area rugs and the hand broom/dust pan. Note all the rolled up towels under the furniture so Wiffie doesn’t get stuck underneath and out of play too often. And listen closely to hear a couple of my trademark growls; I don’t like it when Wiffie gets too far ahead of me.

And for all you young athletes out there, notice how I always wind up my Wiffie session with a long, cold drink of water. Gotta hydrate!

Of course, sometimes the water bowl can turn into a water trap, halting the game of Wiffie.

Wiffie floats.

Wiffie floats in Chloë’s water bowl.

And in rare instances, even after a spirited game of Wiffie that ends in a water trap, I still have more energy to burn. That’s when I nose through my toy pile and come out with something to occupy my attention. On this particular day, it was Krinkles, the round disc-pillow I received last Christmas. I’m barely rushing the season on this one.



21 responses to “Chloë Plays with Wiffie

  1. Mike (+ Chloe) – maybe it is my computer settings, but I do not have a “video demonstration” in the post below. Please advise. Hugs to the furry one (who’s ears are likely flapping in this windy weather!) Lynn Clark

  2. Chloë replies that this is beyond her cyber editing grade level.

  3. Hooray – I watched the Wiffie and Krinkles action with Chloe leading the effort. (I could not watch the “video” in the body of the email – only after opening it – duhhh.) Cheers to the ever athletic Chloe.

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