Chloë Greets Visitors from the East

Chloë with John and Peggy

Chloë with John and Peggy

I made some new pals last weekend, John and Peggy from Massachusetts, friends of Mike’s from long ago in Syracuse, when the all worked together. Mike actually worked? Who knew?

As soon as we picked them up at the airport I could tell they were dog people. My delicate nose detected they have a golden retriever whom they referred to often, and always in gushing terms. The way they spoke about Jake, however, I was glad they left him home. Jake is big and rambunctious, exactly the kind of dog I instinctively stay away from. Besides, with no Jake to vie for attention,  John and Peggy were all mine.

Although I got moved out of the front seat, being in the back seat of the car was OK this time, because I got to sit with Peggy and put my head in her lap while we were driving. We bonded.

Relaxing with Leoppy

Relaxing with Leoppy

They were cool to hang around with, too. They walked all around the city with me, even down to the Ballard Locks and back on a windy, rainy day when the spray was thick. Even though they didn’t have the right kind of shoes, they hung in there, even on the uphill part. Compared to their Northeast winter, I guess, this wet weekend was like being on the Riviera. We Seattlites, on the other hand, are getting real tired of it.

Despite the rain, I gave John and Peggy a few short flashes of my speed and agility in chasing Visi-Ball and Wiffie, and they appeared suitably impressed with my prowess. I’m going to put them down for a visit on my first East Coast tour, whenever that may be. Hopefully Jake will have calmed down a bit by then.

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