Chloë Lets Cats into Her House

Chocolatey Cats from Trader Joe

Chocolatey Cats from Trader Joe

After a tip from my Aunt Susie, Mike finally brought home a tub of  Trader Joe’s Low Fat Chocolatey Cats Cookies For People. He wouldn’t let me try one, because chocolate is supposedly bad for dogs. (Personally, I consider that to be in the category of “urban legend.”) And how much chocolate can actually be in one of the little damn things?


A Chocolatey Cat

A Chocolatey Cat

Mike wasn’t that impressed at first, frankly. Eaten one at a time, he said, they’re pretty bland. However, if you chow down a mouthful along with some milk, they taste downright chocolatey. Even better news: A serving size of 15 cookies has just 110 calories and 1.5 grams fat. That’s when Mike said, “Sign me up.” Why doesn’t somebody make cat cookies for dogs?

Meanwhile, I took Mike on a long walk the other day. I said no to the usual park route and instead decided to meander down Magnolia Boulevard, and I just kept going. We wound up in Magnolia Village, and when we strolled past the office of Edward Jones, my stockbroker, we saw that Caroline and Renee were still hard at work.

Official Franklin Templeton swag.

Official Franklin Templeton swag.

They invited us inside, and I showed off some of my tricks like “Roll” and “High Five,” and I was rewarded handsomely. Caroline gave Mike a treat, too: A roll of biodegradable poop bags inside a dispenser with “Franklin Templeton Investments” emblazoned on the side. Caroline said the bags were for Heather, who is apparently a client of Franklin, or Templeton, or maybe both.

I just know I’ll think of both of them whenever I poop into one of their purple baggies. When I poop, Franklin and Templeton always listen.

One response to “Chloë Lets Cats into Her House

  1. Thanks for the good press Chloe! So great to see you and Mike. I will forward this to my Franklin Rep. He will be impressed that I have a client with such a great blog!

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