Chloë Watches Some TV

Chloë’s chair

The rainy weather continued. I’m getting a little tired of it, actually. There tends to be less ball-playing and more hurried walking when it’s raining and windy outside. Heather has less patience with me, too.

I made the most of it by demanding more play time inside the house, mostly knocking Wiffie around and getting Mike to play tug  of war, with my stuffed toy Lamby as “tugee.” Getting my jaws around Lamby’s nose and throttling him good is lots of fun, and so is getting Mike to yank on the handle at Lamby’s other end and squeeze it repeatedly, making a squeaky racket to encourage my growls. Arrrrrrrr!

Resting under Lamby’s watchful eye.

There was also plenty of watching television going on this month. I got Heather to move my personal camp chair into the living room, right between Mike’s and Heather’s swivel chairs and directly in front of the TV set. I was hoping to see some Law & Order reruns or even some NCIS, but all I seemed to get were lots of basketball games and impeachment hearings, both of which seem to unleash similar loud words of disgust toward the TV screen. BORING, I say.

Watching the detectives.

At least I managed to get my whole pack comfortably ensconced in the same room, where I can keep one eye on them and the other on the kitchen, so I  know if any potential snacks enter the room. Or  if I felt tired,  I could just snooze until dinner was announced. Then either Mike or Heather gently slid me  off the chair and onto the floor. A stretch or two on the dining room rug and into the kitchen for grooming and dinner, followed by a return to my chair while Mike and Heather are eating.  Time enough for the PBS Newhour and another snooze before bedtime.

One response to “Chloë Watches Some TV

  1. Wow, Chloe, you live a dog’s life! Sounds pretty blissful

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