Chloë Finds Many Excellent Adventures

Chloë goes down to the sea in ships.

Heather and Chloë at Fishermen’s Terminal.

Chloë checks the horseflesh before laying down a bet at Emerald Downs.

Heather introduces Blue to Chloë.

Chloë practices sky diving in Discovery Park.

Chloë, swinging in the rain.

Chloë auditions for the Flying Wallendas.

Chloë vaults her brother Stanley (Andrew McGehee Photo).

Chloë and brother Frank audition for Dancing with the Stars and American Gladiators at the same time.

Chloë and Frank in a standoff (Andrew McGehee Photo).

 Enough for today. I’m getting tired just thinking about these adventures again. Time for some treats and a nap.

One response to “Chloë Finds Many Excellent Adventures

  1. Can I be Chloe??? Looks like fun.

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