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Chloë Scales New Heights

New mattress, new problem

New mattress, new problem

After talking about it for months, Mike and Heather finally got a new mattress. Good for them, but did they think about me? They may be more comfortable, but do I get to sleep in it any more often? No, I don’t. And that’s not the worst part.

This mattress is thicker than the last one. That means it’s higher off the floor. And that means I need to be an Olympic high jumper to get up there, whereas I could vault from floor to bed top from a sitting position, no problem, on the old one. Since the new mattress arrived before Thanksgiving, I have gone splat against the side of the damn thing on several occasions. Even eating several cases of Wheaties (which wouldn’t be so bad as long as it they were covered with milk and bananas) won’t get me enough boost to make it over the top. I doubt even performance-enhancing drugs would do the trick.

Solution: Proper positioning.

Solution: Proper positioning.

Even using my personal Stairway to Heaven is not as easy as it used to be. The top step of my unit now leaves me several inches short of the goal. Luckily, Heather figured out how to re-position the steps (two inches from the side of the bed and even with the foot) to give me the maximum efficiency for speed and angle. I can make it to the top of the bed with ease, but I still need to get a running start. Getting down from the new mattress via the steps is a breeze, as long as I can stay clear of Heather’s dresser when I hit the floor.

But getting down is still the tricky part. I am not supposed to jump off the new bed directly to the floor, ever, because landing hard like that is going to eventually be bad for my delicate dachshund back. Why didn’t Mike think about this inherent danger to me before he brought this new mattress into MY bedroom?

Victory achieved.

Victory achieved.

So far, I’m coping. I’ve heard NO JUMPING more times in the past couple of weeks than I have in the rest of my time on earth combined. Heather, especially, and even my good friend Lynn when she came over to stay with me last week, have kept harping on it, trying to make me learn. We’ll see if this loud, Trumpian campaign works, or if somebody comes up with a better solution. In the meantime, I know I can get away with bed-jumping on Mike’s watch, since he never pays attention to anything. Yahoo, I’m flying, just like Peter Pan!



Chloë Gets a Timely Gift

A big shout out to my pals in Juneau, Alaska, Max and Bob.

Max, June 2011

Bob Eyes His Ball, June 2011

We’ve never met, but we have friends in common. And we share a mutual knack of running our households while slyly allowing our peeps to think they’re the ones in charge. What a racket.

Anyway, I really liked the towel Max and Bob sent me last week.

Chloë checks out her new towel

And wouldn’t you know it, practically the day it arrived it rained all day, the first time in a long while. The towel was pressed into immediate service, and  I’m afraid it didn’t stay clean very long. It was inevitable.

Chloë’s towel after first rain of season.

We’re out at my Getaway again this weekend, and the skies above the Snoqualmie Valley are turbulent, dark and unsettled. The rains are coming to stay, and this towel is going to get a lot dirtier. Thanks, Max and Bob, for being right on top of things.