Chloë Takes Giant Steps

Things are moving fast now. Seems like only yesterday I was afraid to climb down the steps to the first floor. Now I can go up and down those stairs blindfolded, with toys in my mouth. The outside steps to the back yard? A little steeper, a little longer, but not a problem.

Next they bring me to these steps steps in Discovery Park. Yikes, it’s a long way down.

Discovery Park stairs from top looking down.

Mossy steps left over from the military.

But heck, I’m young and agile. Daring, too.

These are venerable steps, a vestige of the park’s military past. Recruits were no doubt forced to sprint up and down these steps, and today a few serious runners do the same. I’m not that serious– just naive and curious.

Going down is easy. I just take it slow, letting gravity take over. After Heather drops that clunky rope, I figure it out. I’m at the bottom in no time.

Chloë heads down.

Uh-oh. Now I have to go back up. Luckily, I’m spunky enough to suck it up and go for it. Once I get into the rhythm of the climb, I kind of enjoy it. I’m the little dachshund that could! (I think I can, I think I can…).

When I beat Heather to the top, it’s pure gravy.

Looking up from bottom.

Chloë starts up.

Bounding up!

Chloë bounds up even closer to the top…

Chloë, panting, nears the top…

Whew! Chloë beats Heather to the top.

And now, for my next trick…

One response to “Chloë Takes Giant Steps

  1. Nina Littman-Sharp

    Hi there! Great site. I wonder if it would be possible for me to use this photo: for my own website, with photo credit of course. (You’d need to tell me what the credit should say.) I’m a therapist, and need a picture of stairs. Could you let me know?
    Thanks, Nina

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