Chloë Stays Warm

Heather thanks Chloë for being a good girl.

Heather thanks Chloë for being a good girl.

Mike and Heather are off again, visiting my Grandma Rosalie along with my Aunt Susie. These trips to see Rosalie have gotten more frequent, as she isn’t as footloose and fancy-free anymore, so they have to go to visit her instead of her coming to see them (and me!). M & H hate leaving me, of course, but Rosalie’s change in lifestyle is how Mike ended up with her Mercury Sable, which has now become my main riding-around-in-the-front-seat car, so I wound up with a little bonus from this arrangement. Besides, I can certainly do without Mike for a while, as long as Lynn comes over to stay with me while they’re gone. I do miss my Heather, though! She’s the best.

On the other hand, staying with Lynn is always fun. I can count on a lot of doting and at least a couple of trips to her office, where people pay more attention to me than when I go to work with Heather. Sometimes she brings me over to Kiki’s house for some pummeling of that clueless dog, always a riot. And needless to say, my treat and cuddle quotient is always high when Lynn’s around, not to mention increased time lounging on the floor in front of the downstairs fireplace. When Mike’s home, we normally go downstairs just for his exercise routine (when he makes me stay in my downstairs crate after just one cookie) and doing laundry. It’s much more fun hanging downstairs with Lynn. I only wish she’d drop some popcorn on the floor like Mike and Heather do when they watch movies.

Chloë's favorite delivery service.

Chloë’s favorite delivery service.

Not much else has happened on this staycation. One day I heard a truck idling in front of the houses across the street, and I thought it might be my UPS Cookie Man, so I ran to the front door and started to whimper for Lynn to let me out. She eventually humored me by taking me out to sit on the front porch, where I watched for my guy in brown, bearing cookies.  Unfortunately, this time it was a guy in gray, without cookies.  I was not impressed, even when he waved. No cookie, no wiggles and wagging from me. I can be stingy with my affection when it comes to no cookies. Luckily, when we went back inside, Lynn gave me one of the special, oversized pumpkin cookies from my cookie tin. That Lynn knows how to mend a broken heart.

Time to turn on the fireplace, please.

Chloë and Kiki looking for trouble.

Chloë and Kiki looking for trouble.

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