Chloë Celebrates with Frank and Stan

Stanley, Frank and Chloë

Stanley, Frank and Chloë, age 6

I got together with my brothers Frank and Stanley in the park just after our sixth birthday. Predictably, I took one sniff of the boys near the parking lot and high-tailed it into the brush to chase rabbits. The boys were more interested in their ball than in me, too. I guess we’re at that awkward age, too young for senior dog food, too old to chase, tackle and wrassle like we did when we were younger.

Stanley, Frank and Chloë

Stanley, Frank and Chloë on the trail

Actually, we must be junior seniors for the amount of time the boys and I spent catching up about our medical conditions. Both of the boys have shed some pounds and been allergy-free since changing their food, but Frank was on “injured reserve” for six weeks with a bulging disc, which are two words a dachshund (or dachshund owner) ever wants to hear. At one point, Frank couldn’t move his rear legs, but he miraculously recovered without surgery. Maybe that explains why he and Stan wore these cute red sweaters even though it wasn’t all that cold out. Gotta keep that chill off Frank’s back.

To me, Frank looked plenty fast and nimble enough when we took a brisk, one-hour tour of  the park that morning. Mike lost his treat bag, however, partially spoiling the day for me but making a terrific day for the lucky dog who found it. I’m not too worried about Mike getting a new treat bag by next weekend.


5 responses to “Chloë Celebrates with Frank and Stan

  1. I have no doubt Chloe will ultimately find her treat bag on your next walk. 😄 So cute that the siblings get together.

  2. Penny missing Chloe but dealing with big dogs down here in sunnyFL.
    And so are Carol and Mike!

  3. Are Chloë’s brothers named after your dad and uncle? How are they related to receive such an honor?

  4. What a handsome family! Now that the boys have slimmed down, I see the family resemblance. Good to hear that miracles regarding health run in the family. Just a thought – did anyone check under Frank’s coat for the treat bag?

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