Chloë Receives Birthday Gifts

I generally don’t like to make a big deal of birthdays (although if readers dig back to Februaries past, you can see some past violations!), and so I didn’t expect much at all (if anything) this year for birthday #6. But lo and behold!

In the morning, I got an extra-large Frozen PBB from Mike and a birthday greeting from my vet that even has a dachshund in it!

Dear Chloe,
Sniff Sniff…Do I smell birthday cake?
Happy Birthday!
Stay Healthy! Be Happy!

Your Friends at Elliott Bay Animal Hospital /

And then…


Buzzie Bee, still in box

Buzzie Bee, still in box

Wow, I never expected presents like those.

Bliss didn’t last long, however. I knocked the buzzing out of Buzzie Bee in less than 20 minutes. Now I’m left with a trio of mute Mushabellies to take care of. But don’t worry; I’ll survive.


7 responses to “Chloë Receives Birthday Gifts

  1. Wow – what a special birthday! Now I understand, too, why the girl gave me a strange and stern look when I “buzzed” at her as we prepared to turn off the lights for a sleep-over.

  2. Chloe is 6 human years and I will be 476 dog years this month. Oh, and Mike will be 469! We were in the same year at college, but Mike skipped 7 dog years in school. Arf!!

  3. Happy Birthday Chloe. So glad your having a special time with birthday treats a pressie’s. 🙂

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