Chloë to Celebrate Her First Birthday On Dachshunds Day

Feb. 5, 2010–a day that shall live in infamy. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but as my loyal readers (and you know who you are!)  probably can tell by now, I believe I deserve the right to flash a little swagger now and then. Anyway, Feb. 5, 2010, was the day that I–along with Frank, Stanley, Basel, Elsa and three other siblings whose names are not yet known to me–came into this lovely world. Wow. It’s amazing how time flies.

And, at the same time, how little this highly important event means to SOME PEOPLE (not naming any names, but it’s not hard to guess). I mean, really, it’s their baby’s first birthday and where are they? Off visiting Mike’s mom in Florida. I can see now where their REAL priorities lie. Thankfully, I mean a bit more to a few others.

Chloë models her new birdthday fleece.

I have already received birthday wishes, as a matter of fact. A nice card from my vet, for starters. And I got to celebrate a bit with brothers Frank and Stanley last Saturday. We ran around in Discovery Park, and they even gave me presents! First, a tan fleece sweater, which I really like; I’ve already worn it on a chilly day’s walk last Sunday. They also gave me a deer antler to gnaw on–sweet, I can’t wait. Later on my friend Lynn came over, and she’s staying with me while Mike and Heather are away. Lynn is always fun, and I’m sure she will treat me much better than that cheapskate Mike does. Has he gotten me a birthday present yet? Not likely.

For his part, Mike claims there’s going to be a party for me when he and Heather get back. He says Frank, Stanley and I can celebrate our birthdays on another day in February, just like they shifted Lincoln and Washington to the third Monday of the month and called it President’s Day. A three-day weekend for us!? Well,  now you’re talking. So Mike has designated Feb. 13 as Dachshunds Day. And in the spirit of the occasion, I have declared double treats that day for all members of our noble breed.

Splendor in the grass.

That Mike, he may be a pain in my butt most of the time, but every once in a while he gets a damn good idea. I like this one.

Gotta go now. Lynn and Moosey are calling me away from the computer to head downstairs, relax in front of that roaring fireplace and enjoy some treats and milk. Actually, I hope Mike and Heather stay away until Dachshunds Day. Lynn, I’m feeling a bit of a chill…where’s my sweater?

One response to “Chloë to Celebrate Her First Birthday On Dachshunds Day

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE !!! (sorry, can’t do the fancy dots over the e like Mike!)… You look so beautiful in your fleece…you should be in the Westminster Dog Show!!!

    Did you watch TV and look for Mike, Heather and Aunt Susie? Nick sure did! but never saw them. Enjoy your vacation and I hope your celebration is worth the wait! Love Lorrie — your unknown friend in Upstate NY

    I did hear a Dachshund story recently that is timely as it is Dachshund Week. When someone shoots a deer (ok, I live in podunk) and it is injured, yet not killed (hope you are old enough for this story!), the Department of Environmental Conservation or DEC (bureaucrats mostly like Aunt Susie); brings in dogs to sniff out the deer to euthanize them (yes, it means kill) so they don’t suffer. GUESS WHAT KIND OF DOG IS GREAT FOR THIS??? YES…YOU GUESSED IT — THE DACHSHUND!!! They brave the snow and ice to help their fellow animals and all the rednecks here who like venison. Take care.

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