Chloë Reveals a Few of Her Favorite Things

We’ve relocated my toys from the kitchen to my large bed on the living room floor. It came from Costco, so more than big enough for all my toys, most of my balls, one of my Sonics blankets and me. It’s a great spot for waiting for Heather to come home from work–which, now that we’re bringing it up, is getting later and later. By the time she gets home, I’m ready for bed. Sorry, I need my sleep.

Chloë and Moosey hang out.

Maybe her guilt for not paying enough attention to me is why she gave me a new toy last week. Mr. Moose, or Moosey, as I like to call him, is a lot softer than Foxy, and he squeaks. He instantly became my new favorite. I carried him around constantly for several days, but I’ve noticed the last day or two that I’ve let Foxy back in the mix. Foxy is a lot better for fetch and tug of war, a versatile and sturdy guy, even without his tail. In fact, losing his tail may have made him even tougher. And Foxy’s tail is a good tug toy in its own right.

Chloë scurries through her secret tunnel.

Another benefit of having my toys in the living room: They are closer to my favorite secret passageway underneath the coffee table. It’s a great shortcut to use when knocking the plastic baseball from one side of the room to the other. A few tiny scratches on the Stickley isn’t going to hurt anything, right? Nobody’s going to notice. Besides, if it weren’t for me, that shelf would never get dusted.

Here’s another new game I really, really like: Giving Mike a back and butt massage. Mike has been suffering from various pains in his butt for decades, but ever since I started climbing around up there, he claims to be feeling a lot better. Well, I really can’t tell how he feels, but I do know that he looks mah-velous.

Chloë gives Mike a massage.

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