Chloë Bids Adieu to Her Favorite Doubles Partner

With Charlie at Seward Park

The mini-vacation at my Getaway was a gentle way of easing into the deep disappointment I felt upon my return. We got home on a Saturday evening, which meant we were back in time to go on our regular Sunday afternoon walk with my best pal Charlie. But Sunday afternoon came and went, and no Charlie. That’s when Mike and Heather broke the news: Charlie had moved back to St. Louis. I had lost my best pal and, even worse, my best fetch partner. Charlie,with plenty of baseball experience, really knows how to throw. And while Charlie always boasted about never giving me treats, he was great about buying them for me. Mike always buys treats from places like Fred Meyer and Petco; Charlie only shops at places like Whole Foods and doggie boutiques. Real class!

Chloë and Charlie

Another old friend, my sometime sitter Lynn, came by to see me the other day, and I went bonkers for her. Lynn’s great for cuddling, treats and deep intellectual talks, but she’s not going to take me on long walks and play fetch with me for a half-hour like Charlie did. Mike and Heather explained why Charlie had to go back to the land of heat and humidity, so I understand it, but it’s still hard to accept that I’m going to be stuck with just Mike and Heather every Sunday.

Now I feel badly that on my last walk with Charlie we hadn’t even started to play fetch when Heather shut it down because I bolted right into the bushes after a squirrel I’ve been stalking for weeks. If I had only known it was the last time, I would have been a better dog.

Sorry, Charlie. See ya, ’til we meet again.


5 responses to “Chloë Bids Adieu to Her Favorite Doubles Partner

  1. Oh Chloe-bear, I know how dearly you love and adore your uncle Charlie! On my care times with you, I would give you a bit of warning that uncle Charlie was coming and you would begin to squeal. Often times you would run to the basement to get him a stuffed toy. When he finally arrived, you would bounce between my lap and his – appearing torn as to allegiance. I had no doubt that you would greet me with excitement, ready to share your great adventures upon your return from your adventure with uncle Charlie. At times you were both soaking wet and maybe stuck with a bramble, or two.
    He is one of the best ones, for sure. Hugs to you and your family, baby girl.

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