Chloë Opens Her Sculpture Park

Original dachshund sculpture, spring 2004.

Original dachshund sculpture, spring 2004.

I was heartbroken over the winter when our wooden dachshund sculpture finally bit the dust, metaphorically speaking. For my entire life, and even longer, it had served as the centerpiece  of our front yard, a marker to all the cats and critters that march up and down the sidewalk in front of our house. Heather nursed the plywood dog along through many repairs and coats of black paint, until it finally succumbed to another wet Northwest winter, rotting down the center until it split beyond repair.

Chloë and Mike cut the ribbon

Chloë and Mike cut the ribbon

It’s hard to replace something that rare. Some highly emotional individuals need more time. So when Mike finally decided we were ready, he searched online and was surprised to find what looked like a suitable replacement. When it arrived (not via my favorite delivery service, by the way), Mike took it to the garage for weatherproofing while he studied every square inch of our extensive plot before deciding on the right spot. We installed it and held a dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony last Sunday. My pal Charlie attended and took  photos. I determined the new sculpture needed to be behind the wrought-iron fence for security purposes. I cannot be guarding it 24/7, after all.

New sculpture.

New sculpture in place.

3-Chloe Imitates Sculpture

Life tries to imitate art.

After the ceremony, I immediately tried to replicate the stance and the stature of the heroic sculpture behind me, to little avail. If only I could summon at will that much gallantry and grace! Not now, certainly, but certainly something to aspire to every day.

Final resting place

Final resting place


After we paused for refreshments (biscuits for me, hard candy for Mike), we had a more solemn duty to perform. We marched across the street and laid to rest the broken original sculpture in our neighbor Claire’s yard waste bin, on top of a bed of spring trimmings and thatch. Mike played Dave Novak’s version of the song “Bugler” on his iPod and hummed along. Then we closed the lid and took a walk in the park.

4 responses to “Chloë Opens Her Sculpture Park

  1. Penny says it looks right! She recognizes Chloe in a minute! And Carol loves the placement in you garden as well as your garden!
    May it last her lifetime!,

  2. I look forward to seeing the installation and “model” in person during my next stay-cation. I really appreciate the pomp and circumstance afforded art at the T/G Estates! And, Miss Chloe’s desire to aspire to the art. Cheers.

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