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Chloë Takes a Snow Day

It was fairly brisk yesterday when Mike and I went outside at 6 a.m., and when we went out again about 9 there was a stiff wind blowing and this white stuff covering the ground. A world covered in tissues, perhaps? My idea of heaven.

No, it was snow. Cold, wet, slippery, snow. I got into it immediately! Discovery Park had lots of places to stick my nose in it, right up to my ears. It stuck to me, too, covering my snout and clumping up on the fur on my legs and chest. Later on I discovered these ice balls are great to pull off my body with my teeth and chew up like little popsicles. Yum.

Chloë blazes a trail in Discovery Park.

When we got back from our walk, I had another big treat: Heather walked in. She had gotten so fed up with the traffic on I-5 that she turned around and decided to come home to work from here. So I got to sit next to her all day, which was a lot more preferable to being with that lout Mike, who’s always bugging me about this or that. Instead of being on edge all day, I felt so cozy and relaxed that I just snoozed in my blue chair.

Sunny says hello.

By the time my afternoon walk came around, it had snowed even more. The park parade ground was pretty much covered with it, and I ran around there for a while. We met up with my new bud Sunny, a golden retriever who moved in down the street from us last month. Sunny’s OK, although she seems more interested in MY treat bag on Mike’s hip than she is interested in me. I’ll be keeping my eye on her for a while, until she takes her nose away from MY treats.

Chloë heads for home.

When they determined the ice balls were making my feet too cold, it was time to come home, have dinner and curl up with a warm blanket and some hot cocoa. Oh, phooey, no chocolate for dogs. Guess it will have to be some more ice balls instead.