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Chloë Spreads Some Joy

Chloë and Kiki looking for trouble.

Chloë and Kiki

Last Saturday, my pal Lynn picked me up and took me over to Kiki’s house while Mike and Heather went downtown and froze their butts off at a Mariners game. Lynn called ahead and asked Heather to send some toys over there, because Kiki didn’t have any toys. I can’t relate, but I brought  a bag of toys with me.

In addition to some of my own, I brought along a brand-new autographed Wiffie to give to Kiki as a present.  Except when I got there, I was having so much fun playing Wiffie in the long, wooden-floor hallways of her house that I changed my mind. I wanted to keep this Wiffie for myself. Although she knocked it around while I was there to chase after, Kiki’s never going to pay any attention to Wiffie when I’m gone. Kiki can’t even get Wiffie in her mouth like I can. What kind of fun is that?

So by the time we had to leave, I was certain that it was wrong to leave Wiffie behind. Lynn had to convince me it was the right thing to do. So I left it there, reluctantly.

Kiki and Chloë square off.

Kiki and Chloë wrassle.

Otherwise, I had a good time. Kiki was really into wrestling this time – and I played along to a point. I’d wrestle with her for 15 to 20 minutes, but sooner or later I’d be tempted by the scent of something or other, and I’d walk off the playing field to forage. Kiki leaves food all over the place.

More than Wiffie, Kiki loved the colorful, squeaky hedge hog, Hedgie, which I had long ago relegated to the hall closet only to see it resurrected for travel duty. Kiki couldn’t get enough of making Hedgie squeak.  I finally had to put a stop to it; to my ears, that noise is worse than those Mushabellies toys, which I also feel compelled to silence. Too much damn squeaking for me.



In fact, I wish Lynn had left Hedgie with Kiki and let me take Wiffie home instead. Hedgie went back in the closet as soon as we got him home.  Maybe the next time I visit Kiki we can do a swap.