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Chloë Volunteers Again

Seward statue tourists.

We drove over to Volunteer Park again this week to meet up with George and Debbie. This time we walked around a lot longer than we did last time, so George must be feeling OK so far, which also makes me feel good.

Since the park roads are closed off to cars these days, we could walk around the hills unhindered but for occasional bicycles. We looked into he windows of the Conservatory, which is also closed of course.  Then we paid our respects to the statue of William Seward, the famed fellow Central New Yorker (from Auburn, near Syracuse, like Mike and Heather) the guy who purchased Alaska for the United States when he was Secretary of State after the Civil War. A century later, George and Debbie took advantage of that prescient maneuver and moved up to that goregous part of the county.

Volunteer Park Rhodies

All the rhododendrons were in full bloom, so we strolled around not only within the park but also in the surrounding neighborhood, which is full of stately old homes and well-tended gardens. All of that was fine, but for me it paled in comparison to what was the unquestioned highlight of the afternoon: As we walked back into the park to find a picnic table for chatting, I discovered a hole in a tree that had been the site of recent squirrel activity, although not nearly recently enough for me to let out my corner-the-critter wail.

I just hope George and Debbie will be staying in for Seattle another week, because I believe another return trip to investigate Volunteer Park is warranted.

Treasure hunt

Chloë Enjoys a Quiet Week

On the lawn at Volunteer Park

I’ve got to admit, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with something exciting or clever to report about this week, and I’m having a hard time.  Except for taking different walking routes in the park, every day was pretty much the same.

Let’s see. Schatzi came over for a visit one afternoon, but I was less than excited about that. Her desire to be in my face all the time was wearing a bit thin. Luckily, Heather and I tired her with lots of walking, and she conked out from dinner until when Caroline picked her up.

Heather, Mike and I did meet my Juneau friends George and Debbie in Volunteer Park one afternoon. That park has beautiful landscaping and lots of squirrels, but we only walked on trails for 15 minutes or so before the four of them found a picnic table and sat down for more chatting. I seized the opportunity to revel in one of my favorite things, sunning on a grassy lawn.  My own yard has no lawn, ahem, so I have to take advantage of every opportunity I get.

Who was that masked man?

That trip to Capitol Hill  was the only time I went anywhere in the car all week. When Mike and Heather drove to Ballard to pick up groceries, I stayed home, and it’s just as well. When Mike wades into public as the Orange Bandit, I don’t want to be seen anywhere near him.

Chloë Wows Will

Will Cavanagh at Queen Anne Hill in Seattle

Will Cavanagh at Queen Anne Hill in Seattle

Last weekend we had a visit from Will Cavanagh, another of Mike’s college pals. Will (known to some as “the  Schmaugh,”

for reasons not readily apparent to me) is a big-time tax attorney in the Big Apple, I overheard Mike tell someone. (As if I can trust anything Mike said, because he also said Will was a brother of Juneau George, who I met a few weeks ago, and that both of them were his brothers, too. I just don’t get it. There’s no family resemblance that I can see.)

Mike and Chloë at Lake Union

Mike and Chloë above Lake Union

Anyway, Mike and I picked up Will at the airport and took him on one of Mike’s All-Around Seattle Grand Tours. I had a lot of fun, even though I was forced to sit in the back seat (and tied to a seat belt, no less). Since it’s Seattle in November, it was raining on and off all afternoon,  but Mike stopped the car a few times anyway so we could get out of the car and check out a view for Will. At Volunteer Park, I climbed all the way to the top of the water tower and all the way back down. I wish we would go to that park more often, in fact, since I was energized by its significant squirrel population. We stopped at Gas Works Park on Lake Union, too, but there were no squirrels, just a lot of goose poop, and the wind was pretty nasty up on the hill overlooking the lake. Wisely, we  retreated.

Will Cavanagh and Chloë

Will Cavanagh and Chloë

The skies cleared up on Saturday morning, and right after breakfast Heather, Mike and I  walked with Will all the way down to the West Point lighthouse and back . Then Penny and company came over for a football game that didn’t go very well for us. There were many derisive comments, and everybody but Will left early. I guess he really had no where else to go, or he would have.

It was fun hanging out with Will for a few days, but when Mike took him to the airport early on Sunday morning, I had no interest in tagging along. Instead, I jumped up into the sack with Heather, snuggled into a fleece blanket and napped there well past Mike’s return.  It was a perfect antidote to Will’s whirlwind stay.