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Chloë Makes a New Friend

I’m still a shy girl when it comes to meeting other dogs for the first time, but once I know them, I am a loyal friend.  I still get excited every time I see Dawn and the Macs (MacKenzie and MacDuff), who used to live down our street;  then they moved temporarily to Queen Anne, and we didn’t see them nearly as  often. When Mike and I saw them the other day, they told us they’d be moving to Florida permanently at the end of the month. Take it from me:  MacDuff hates the heat, and he’s not going to do well in Florida. He’ll be grumpy about it, too.

I’m sad those dog friends are leaving, but those two were way older than me and, when you come right down to it, not a lot of fun. They never wanted to play chase or run around with me, like they were like too cool or something.

Penny on couch

My new friend Penny shows a lot more promise. Penny is Mike and Carol’s new puppy, about 8 months old.  She’s a rescue, which means she’s a lucky girl. Mike and Carol adopted her just a few weeks ago, and having been over to their house many times with my Mike to watch Syracuse games on TV, I can tell that Penny is really trading up from wherever she was before. And since Carol has never had a puppy before, she  is always calling up Mike for training advice. He’s been free with all the inside knowledge that he has so obviously and effectively administered onto my little ass.  Because around our house it’s always, “Yes, Mike! Of course, Mike!” (Wink, wink.)

Chloë and Penny’s toy

Anyway, with Penny around, Syracuse football-watching has  vastly improved from my standpoint. When we go there now, there are always pieces of kibble and rawhide left around on the floor, and I always love playing with another dog’s toys. Now I have plenty to do while everyone’s watching SU flounder and getting grumpy about it. I could care less; just let me know when food is served.

Penny acted a bit nervous with me at first, but the second time we met, over at my house, she calmed right down. I graciously let her nose though my toys, and I even gave  her a couple of my smaller marrow bones to gnaw on. Her little teeth and tongue had better luck getting inside those little bones to get that last little bit of marrow gook out. I think she’ll love a Frozen PBB!

Penny portrait

Knock yourself out, kid. You can have all my little bones; I’ve already figured out that there’s even better stuff coming. But Penny is cute enough to get by on her own. I think we’ll be able to hang together until our old age…or until another national championship, whichever comes first.

Chloë and Penny hang