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Chloë Razes the Roof

Old roof


It was a tough week for me. Mike and Heather had the roof of our house replaced. The brochure says the new roof comes with a 50-year guarantee, so I guess we won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. I know Mike likes to get his money’s worth.

It will take me at least that long to get over the trauma of the re-roofing process. The noise started Monday morning right after breakfast, when four guys climbed ladders and started ripping apart the old roof, removing three layers of shingles and plywood using hammers, chisels, pitchforks and other sharp-edged tools. Not only was it loud, but I couldn’t tell where the noise was coming from, so it was scary, too. The worst came Tuesday morning, when the packs of new shingles arrived and were placed on the new plywood and wrap. It sounded like eight reindeer were running across the roof and dropping boulders here and there. Prance, prance, prance, prance, thud. Repeat. And repeat.

I coped with it as any brave watchdog would, by periodically leaping into Mike’s lap and staying there as long as possible. Little did I care if he were typing in the office or eating his corn flakes. His lap was where I  was going to be. Heather suggested he put my camp chair next to his chair and just keep one hand on me, but that had no chance. Lap only. Just deal with it, Mike.

Quality assurance team.

Quality assurance team.

Of course, I would have preferred to watch the entire roofing  operation from across the street on our neighbor Claire’s stairs, where from afar I could see everything going on atop our house. Unfortunately, Mike could not tie me up to Claire’s railing and leave me there by myself. He presumed, correctly, that once I got bored I would start barking at any passersby, not to mention the guys on our roof.  So I had to go back inside with Mike and suffer in uneasy silence, missing my daily afternoon nap. By the second afternoon, all the worrying and feeling uncomfortable had so worn me out that I actually fell into a fitful sleep for a while.

Chloë approves the job.

Chloë approves the after view

It could have been worse. Mike also had to endure the pounding, too, and thus had motivation to get us out of the house each afternoon to escape the din. One day we took the car to run  errands in Magnolia and Ballard before our walk, and on the other day we took a longer-than-usual walk in the park. It only took two days, and now I won’t have to worry about raindrops falling on my head any longer. In this climate, that’s a good thing.