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Chloë Tires Herself Right Out

For the first time in my life, I felt plum tuckered out. Last Saturday morning Penny came over for another Syracuse football game, but this time everybody stayed until the very end. When it was finally over,  I heard more loud cursing after this close loss then there had been during the blowout game the week before.  However, this meant that Penny was here for four hours, much more time for going to the park and various indoor activities, like wrestling. This is fun.


Then the next day we got together with my brothers Frank and Stanley for a walk in the park. The boys weren’t nearly as much fun as they used to be. They were more interested in chasing their own ball (too large for my dainty lips) and meeting up with other dogs than they were in playing with me. They know I’m just too quick for them, I suppose. And too smart for them,  if you ask me. So I wore them out by taking them all the way down to the Daybreak Star viewpoint and back. They were huffing and puffing by the time we got back to their car. They deserved it; their posture below is typical of their attitude all day.

Frank and Stan have left the building.

Frank and Stan have left the building.


However, even an Olympic-level athlete like me was tired on Monday and Tuesday. Mike wanted us home early from our afternoon walk anyway, so he could pace around and watch basketball games, and I was happy to comply, cutting short our walks so I could get back in the rack before dinner. After all, I needed to rest up for Thanksgiving, which as I recall is my favorite holiday. I wonder why?

Gobble, gobble

Gobble, gobble

Chloë and Her Brothers Reach the Terrible Twos

Chloë, Frank and Stanley with friend.

When we met  my bros Frank and Stanley in the park a few weeks after our second birthday, it seemed to me the guys were already slowing down. They’ll tussle for a while, and then go their own way. They don’t want to mix it up nonstop anymore.  Especially furry Frank, who is definitely the artistic one.

No slowing down for me. I still enjoy being just a little bundle of energy, chasing after anything that isn’t nailed down. That day, for example, after we walked in the park for an hour and I tussled with Frank and Stan, I was just getting warmed up for my daily tackle of Mike. Just watch. A day without a tackle is like a day without sunshine.

After we said goodbye to the boys, we went home for 15 or 20 minutes of chasing Wiffie around before dinner. And maybe some tug for dessert.

Sure, I’m better behaved and more mature all the time. But to demonstrate that I’m still a puppy in many respects, let me recount some recent events:

  • I jumped out the open door of Mike’sparked car to chase a rabbit.
  • I took off several times after the Bartons’ cat, Beau.
  • I swiped a piece of pizza out of the hand of an unsuspecting child. 
  • I took off after a rabbit in an undeveloped part of the park and took off for more than an hour.

And really, to a large extent I managed to get away with all of that: Lots of bluster, little repercussion, if you ask me.

So clear the decks, people. I’m just warming up.

Chloë Teaches Kiki a Thing or Two

We drove over to Kiki’s house in Lynn’s car, and when we got there Kiki was having a bad hair day. The poor thing had just gotten clipped, and it was pretty short for a Havanese. I suspect Kiki’s owners must have decided to cut bait on her hair mats and just start over. But I hope Kiki picked up a few “calm assertive” pointers from me that she can apply when I’m not around and bigger dogs tease her about that lousy coif.

The two of us played around for a while. Whenever Kiki thought she might be able to get the upper hand for a few seconds, I just stood her up straight or pounced upon her, just the way my brothers knock me around. Being on the other end was awesome, baby.

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We were having fun until Kiki pooped in the house and wanted me to cover for her. And how exactly?By looking guilty? That’s not my style. So I blew her in to Lynn. Since she didn’t catch Kiki in the act, Lynn let the waif off easy, in my opinion. Honestly, there’s no excuse for that kind of behavior at our age. Whenever I gotta go, I mean REALLY gotta go, I just let out a few little whimpers, and people are stumbling over each other to get me out of the house. It ain’t rocket science.

I fervently hope Kiki gets my message on this one, or she’s going to be in for a lot of aggravation in the long run.


Chloë Earns Her First Degree

Heather says it so often that it’s about as meaningful as one of those pea-sized training treats. “She’s so smart,” she says, to anyone who’ll listen (usually, just Mike, and he seems to be hard of hearing). Well, now I am officially certified (see certificate below). And my excellent instructor, Wynona, even said that phrase to Heather at my last class: “She’s very smart.” And now I’ve got my “Diploma of Canine Excellence” to prove it.

Chloë’s Diploma from Puppy Kindergarten

Of course, I realize there’s so much more to learn. In fact, I saw a package with another three dog books arrive in the mail this week. But I know I’ll always look back fondly at my halcyon days at ol’ Ahimsa and that first puppy play time that set the stage for all future learning. Not to mention all those puppy smells in the alley by the back door into the classroom. I’ll never forget that overwhelming sensation–or the chance once a week to square off  against and sometimes trounce dogs twice my size.

It was fun while it lasted, but now I’m perfecting my “deferential down stay” to make myself look as small as possible. I look at these videos, and I can see the handwriting on the classroom wall.

Chloë Has Her Coming-Out Parties

Puppy playtime at Ahimsa.

My life is all about socialization these days. There are so many things that I need to be exposed to before I’m six months old. Such as cats and dogs and rabbits and trains and boats and people of all kinds. Last week I met a cop (who was covering a suicide in Discovery Park, no less), college girls in weird costumes, a teenager with spiked hair, a garbage truck, a bus with a loud air horn and several motorcyles. And those are just a few of the ones I remember.

Memorial Day weekend was big for that kind of stuff. First off, Heather was around a lot; that was different. Normally I can count on more nap time when that happens, but on that weekend there was so much socializing that there wasn’t enough time for napping. (Maybe that’s why I’ve been a little grumpy all week.)

Chloë herds Tsavo, a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

First we went to my weekly Puppy Kindergarten class. It’s called a “class,” but they’re really not teaching me much there. Mostly it’s the teacher telling Mike and Heather and the other owners what they’re doing wrong at home, and the puppies playing.  I always get to play in the group with the puppies who are larger and more rambunctious, but it really doesn’t matter who they are, I am always the puppy in charge. I’m a benevolent despot, however, and so I allow all the puppies to receive lots of the little treats they use (the teacher gives out pieces of real chicken!). If the other pups are anything like me after one of those classes, there’s a lot of pooping going on all afternoon.

Then we went back home, where Mike and Heather had invited 10 of their SU sports-watching friends over to meet me. Well, to meet me and eat some of that slow-cooked pork that Mike was cooking. The aroma drove me crazy for the past two days.

Logan and Chloë share a quiet moment at her Pork and Puppy party.

I had never seen so many people crowd into this little house before, but everybody said that I handled it fine. Even when those kids Logan and Leah were all over me, I maintained my composure. I’m hoping to cultivate close, personal relationships that will pay off down the line in future walks and treats in sizes much larger than those tiny training bits.

The sun finally peeked out for a while on Memorial Day afternoon, and we drove to our secret playfield to meet my personal stock broker Caroline and her two dachshunds, Pinot and Ida.


Pinot, a longtime admirer and fan of the blog, was the more fun of the two, but she’s still recovering from serious health issues, and she just can’t mix it up with me like my homeys Frank and Stan. Hey, I may be just a puppy, but I understand when to turn it down a notch. That’s the point of all this socialization stuff, right?

 Ida, though–that poor girl has some issues to work out. Caroline recently adopted her from another Magnolia family that couldn’t keep her anymore after a new baby changed their pack dynamic (I’m not dishing out  any more poop on that situation). Ida, who is about 4 years old, seems nice enough, and she’s a redhaired beauty to look at, but she’s obviously lacking in confidence and has limited social skills.

The lady Ida

I guess it’s just going to be up to me to help bring Ida out of her shell. I’m going to start slowly, but eventually I’ll have her out there butting heads with Frank and Stanley, no problem.

Not right now, though. I think I’ d rather wiggle around in my bed with the gifts I got at my Pork and Puppy party. Let’s just chill, and tackle the heavy stuff later.

Chloë shows off her party swag.