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Chloë Adjusts Her Value

Jury Duty 2013Thanks to everyone who wrote or called to express disappointment over the extended time between my posts.  I blame it on Mike, of course. Mike was called for jury duty, and he wound up being selected for a trial. So he had to take the big bus downtown for five straight days, and I got to go to work with Heather.  Yahoo! Sounded good to me.

Chloë working outside Heather's office.

Chloë working outside Heather’s office.

For me, going to work with Heather is always fun –  a lot more fun than Heather usually has there. In fact,  it’s good that I go to work with Heather once in a while, so Heather is forced to have a little fun at work, too.  We visit other dogs who come to the office, we go outside for walks at nearby parks, and we play fetch every day. Otherwise, Heather is all business. I can tell from the meetings that I attend (while I am being a quiet girl my folding chair) that Heather is very important to everything that goes on at work, and that all the other workers think she is real smart and knows the right way to do things. I didn’t speak up and tell them, but I was very proud of Heather in those meetings.

Mike, on the other hand, well, I really couldn’t figure out exactly what Mike did all week. Whenever someone asked him about it,  he repeated the same thing every time: “I cannot discuss this case, by order of the Superior Court of King County.” This proved to be a guaranteed conversation stopper every time.

Free Stuff at CurbAnyway, I fell behind on my blog writing. I tried to get Mike to transcribe some of my notes last weekend, but he was far too busy outside, gardening in our yard and pulling Scots Broom in the park.  Then he reorganized some cluttered tools in the garage, and he put some of the surplus out by the curb for park visitors to take.

I tried to barked at everybody who walked by to warn them about these exquisite pieces there for the taking. But Mike and Heather don’t like it when I bark at strangers who walk past or park on our street. The next thing I knew, Mike put a leash on me and yanked me out to the sidewalk. First I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Chloe and Free Stuff at Curb

But finally I realized what was going on… and that a little editing was in order.

Chloe Priceless