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Chloë Plays Fetch on a Rainy Day in the Woods

Mike’s idea of fetch is to send me repeatedly on short distances to see how many times in a row I’ll bring in back. We’ve done as many as 25, 30. And other days none, depending on my mood and degree of pent-up energy.

Heather sends me on more challenging routes,  more likely to be longer and to go off course, so I have to dive into piles of leaves or vines. Heather has a powerful arm, but she’s erratic and lacks Mike’s finesse as a slow-pitch softball pitcher and Skee-Ball devotee.

Below is an example of the paces Heather puts me through. This video was shot in October on a rainy afternoon in Point Defiance Park in Tacoma. That background noise that sounds like tin foil crackling is the rain bouncing off trees. I apologize for the shaky video and botched soundtrack.  I just don’t know; I ask for Spielberg, and they send me Mike. Go figure.



Chloë Does Tacoma

Chloë on the dock of the Sound.

My first road trip. Paris? New York? Syracuse?

Tacoma, the Newark of Seattle.

But at least we visited the best part of Tacoma, Point Defiance Park. We walked through the woods for more than an hour. Big trees. Smelled pretty good there, too. Then we hit the walkway along the beach. A little scary, I must admit. Lots of people going by, walking, running, wheeling all kinds of things, including strollers with little kids inside. I wouldn’t really mind one of those, frankly. Put it on my wish list.



Then they fed me and left me in my crate in the car, with a Kong stuffed with frozen yogurt and fruit. I was fairly content, given the fact they were inside a restaurant sharing big, creamy desserts. Oh well, I got to meet some new little people, Arabella and Mariya, grandchildren of Mike’s and Heather’s friends Kihm and Laurie Winship and daughters of their daughter Abbie, who is living at Joint Base Lewis-McChord while her husband Mike is serving in Iraq. Now I get to put a check mark next to “toddlers” on my master list of 200 things to expose a puppy to! I deserve something for letting them grab and poke me without making any fuss. Of course, their grandfather Kihm, a famous writer in his own write, is one of my most loyal supporters.  I really appreciate that, which is why I’m terribly sorry if I scared those kids; they look frightened in this picture, don’t they? Well, maybe not. They could just be full from those desserts. All I know is, nobody saved anything for me. Has everyone just forgotten the doggie bag? Please.

Heather, Abbie’s girls and Chloë entertain passersby.