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Chloë Digs Canadian Export

Sunning on Lake Union.

Sun bathing on Lake Union.

We had another glorious, sunny weekend before the first heavy rains of fall hit. Last Sunday afternoon we went to a park I had never been to before, on the southern tip of Lake Unionnear my pal Charlie’s new apartment. Charlie had been here before on his runs and seemed to know where he was going, so he got to hold my leash when we walked from his apartment to the park. We had to cross a couple of wide streets with many lanes of traffic to get there, which made me a bit nervous, but once we got onto the park walkways it was pretty good. Too crowded to throw my ball around, but there was a network of wharves and piers at the edge of the water, and I managed to find a nice, warm, flat spot and to camp out to catch some rays.

Salt & pepper shakers

Salt & pepper shakers

And that wasn’t the only highlight of the week. A few days later I got more mail, and this time it was not at all an official-looking envelope like my letters from President Obama and Sarah Palin. This one was in a brown box, all taped up and covered with red-and-white stamps and customs forms, one of them hand-addressed to me. I was excited about receiving something exported from Canada, naturally assuming I was getting maple syrup, Molson beer or my personal favorite Canadian export, bacon.

Throwing caution to the winds, I told Mike to waive security and open it right away. Inside was a note: “Kitsch for the Blogger Chloë—from a fan.” Well, thank you, fan, for this thoughtful and generous gift, which I will treasure always. I suspect only Aunt Sammy could pick out something so apt and artistic, I’m willing to play along and protect her anonymity.

My fan sent a set of ceramic salt and pepper shakers shaped like miniature dachshunds, one white and the other (just like me!) black. The three of us bonded immediately, and they have started to follow me around and observe my every move.

Keeping the kids in line

Keeping the kids in line


In our short time together, I can tell these two little guys really look up to me, in more ways than one. I am willing to be patient and teach them a few things, but I want to take this relationship only so far.  I don’t want any readers thinking this is some kind of weird cult thing.

On the bright side, maybe this will inspire other loyal readers to send additional gifts…edible preferred, of course.