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Chloë Celebrates That Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Chloe in Antlers PortraitLike most dogs, I love Christmas. In fact, I got excited two weeks ago as soon as I saw Mike untangling the colored lights and hanging our stockings on the fireplace mantel. I checked my stocking at least once a day for those two weeks, knowing that it will eventually be filled with goodies.

I love all the special toys that I get for the season, too. I was jonesing for the reindeer antler on top of the TV cabinet so vociferously that Heather finally relented and gave it to me to play with and fetch.  It held up pretty well, too, until I tried to use it for a tug of war with Mike. Actually the fur parts are still OK, just the frame cracked, so Mike can no longer put the antler on his head and parade around the house like a doofus. Another good outcome, as far as I’m concerned.

Beyond getting presents and the virtual nonstop snacking that seems to go with the season (there are lots more things dropping on the floor!), I just love soaking up the Yuletide atmosphere.

Like dachshunds roasting on an open fire.

Dachshund roasting on an open fire

Lounging in front of downstairs fireplace


Jack Frost nipping at my nose.

Chloe Snow Day-001

Discovery Park after recent snowfall


My UPS Guy coming three times a day!

ups christmas delays

My guy gets an assistant before Christmas


And a stocking full of ho-ho-hos…

Getting into my Christmas stocking

Getting into my Christmas stocking


You’re not expecting another photo for each line of the song, are you?

Not even my Mike has that much time to waste.

So I’ll just sign off now by wishing a hearty Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year to all my loyal readers, especially to my favorite aunts Susie and Debby in Syracuse, who were the only ones nice enough to send any gifts this Christmas. Don’t you other guys know where I live? And should there be any changes of heart…ship by UPS, please. Brown always delivers with two biscuits.