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Chloë Makes Sense of Investing

Chloë soaks up advice from her broker

Chloë soaks up advice from her broker.

When we drive to Magnolia Village on a Saturday morning, it’s usually to walk through the farmers’ market,  which is not my favorite thing to do (too crowded for my taste). But last week Mike and Heather had a different market to deal with, something they called the stock market. They had an appointment with my friend Caroline, who has two dachshunds of her own. She was going to give them information about retirement, which as I understand is something that happens in the distant future that allows Heather to stay home every day. This sounds good to me; I hate to see Heather spending time on weekends pouring over patient report forms when the two of us should be napping or throwing my ball around.

At the Edward Jones office, Caroline’s dog Ida greeted me with a bark and a growl, so we retreated to separate corners while Caroline explained things to Heather and got her feedback. Mike just nodded once in a while. As best as I could decode their conversation, Caroline told them they will definitely be able to afford to buy me gourmet-level biscuits exclusively for the rest of my life and then some. (Apparently it’s the calories, not the price, that keep Mike from giving me gourmet treats already. Yeah, right.)

Rewards of financial planning

Reaping the early rewards of financial planning.

When the meeting ended, Caroline gave treats to Ida and me, and Ida didn’t growl at me once.  That made everything fall into place in my mind: This investing business has its ups and downs, but if you stay calm and patient, you’ll be rewarded at the end. Makes perfect sense to me.

Chloë Lets Cats into Her House

Chocolatey Cats from Trader Joe

Chocolatey Cats from Trader Joe

After a tip from my Aunt Susie, Mike finally brought home a tub of  Trader Joe’s Low Fat Chocolatey Cats Cookies For People. He wouldn’t let me try one, because chocolate is supposedly bad for dogs. (Personally, I consider that to be in the category of “urban legend.”) And how much chocolate can actually be in one of the little damn things?


A Chocolatey Cat

A Chocolatey Cat

Mike wasn’t that impressed at first, frankly. Eaten one at a time, he said, they’re pretty bland. However, if you chow down a mouthful along with some milk, they taste downright chocolatey. Even better news: A serving size of 15 cookies has just 110 calories and 1.5 grams fat. That’s when Mike said, “Sign me up.” Why doesn’t somebody make cat cookies for dogs?

Meanwhile, I took Mike on a long walk the other day. I said no to the usual park route and instead decided to meander down Magnolia Boulevard, and I just kept going. We wound up in Magnolia Village, and when we strolled past the office of Edward Jones, my stockbroker, we saw that Caroline and Renee were still hard at work.

Official Franklin Templeton swag.

Official Franklin Templeton swag.

They invited us inside, and I showed off some of my tricks like “Roll” and “High Five,” and I was rewarded handsomely. Caroline gave Mike a treat, too: A roll of biodegradable poop bags inside a dispenser with “Franklin Templeton Investments” emblazoned on the side. Caroline said the bags were for Heather, who is apparently a client of Franklin, or Templeton, or maybe both.

I just know I’ll think of both of them whenever I poop into one of their purple baggies. When I poop, Franklin and Templeton always listen.

Chloë Maps Her Financial Future

Renee, Caroline Alabach’s assistant and fellow dachshund owner, and Chloë discuss bonds–the ones between people and their pets.

After starting my social rounds at the vet, there was little doubt where my next visit would be. Heather has already spoken to me about working toward my financial independence and a secure retirement, so I stopped in to see my broker, Caroline Alabach of the Magnolia Edward Jones office.

Chloë opens her gift from a posh Magnolia boutique.

Caroline already advises Heather as well as Mike’s mom Rosalie, but I’m giving my business to Caroline because she owns Pinot, the Magnolia dachshund who has been one of my blog’s biggest fans. Though we’ve yet to meet, after she sent me a plush stuffed toy and gourmet puppy treats from the swanky PJ’s Paws and Claws store, I am dying to meet her in person to thank her for the gifts and for sending me to Dr. Aimee Kimmel, my personal vet.

Caroline and Chloë discuss the word on the Street.

So while I was there Caroline put me into a couple of conservatively invested instruments for my 500-something college fund (too many numbers for a little girl to remember!) and my IRAs. Build slow, I told her, there are a lot of years ahead.  And when Chloë talks, Ed Jones listens.