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Chloe Gets the Claw

The Claw

The Claw

Heather bought the claw more than a year ago from a vendor at the Vashon Island Farmers Market. The vendor was of ambiguous sexuality. The claw, while certified (by someone) organic, was also of ambiguous heritage. Mike thought it was the foot of a chicken. Heather and I were not so sure.

Regardless of what kind of creature the claw came from, there was no doubt in my mind that the claw was something I wanted. I had already eaten all of the dried up skin and innards that came in the same bag as the claw, and the claw was the biggest thing in the bag. Plus, I had smelled the claw. I WANTED the claw.

Eyeing the claw.

Eyeing the claw.

Finally, Mike and Heather brought forth the claw.  It was my prize for letting them squeeze  drops into my eyes twice a day to ward off some mild conjunctivitis. Since they were also going away soon, they didn’t want to risk me regurgitating the claw on Lynn’s watch. They were giving me plenty of time to pass any remnants of the claw out of my system before Lynn arrived to take care of me.

They put it outside while they were gardening without telling me it was there, but it didn’t take long for me to pick up the scent and locate it with my eyes. It looked unguarded, but I was wary. I looked at Mike expectantly, and he had barely said, “OK” before I pounced, snared it and returned to my bed. No, I didn’t pause to say grace before gnawing in.

Scarfing down the claw

Scarfing down the claw

The claw was good. And then the claw was history.

Chloë Salutes the Frozen PBB

Mike did not invent the Frozen PBB (Peanut Butter Boney). No way I can give him the credit for the idea of freezing peanut butter (and/or yogurt, fruit and other treats) inside a rubber Kong as a dog snack. But from my vantage point, Mike perfected it. His Frozen PBB brings midday snacking to a new level of pure delight. And for this, to Mike I will be eternally grateful.

See, Kongs are OK, but I know they’re not cheap. And they’re tough, and hard to get my mouth around. Even worse, sometimes it’s impossible to get my tongue all the way down to the bottom to lick every last drop of the stuffing out. I prefer a real frozen bone.

Frozen PBB: The Ingredients

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Rather than buy more Kongs, El Cheapo Mike recycles marrow bones that I’ve already stripped clean of meat, marrow and gristle. Mike likes them better than Kongs because he can stockpile enough of them that he only has to load them once every two weeks at my strict quota of one  Frozen PBB per day. I like the PBBs better than Kongs because their  irregular shape makes each one different. If I’m really lucky, sometimes after I lick one clean my nose detects the faint bouquet of beef, a perfect aperitif to my midday delicacy.

I finally convinced Mike that Lynn, my friend and sitter, has the right idea for Frozen PBB-stuffing method: Cram it full. No delicate coating on the sides of the cavity, like Mike used to do. Now Mike stuffs them right out to both ends before freezing them. This makes them so hard inside that it takes concerted  licking on my part to get them clean (a good 10 or 15 minutes, anyway). Lynn also taught Mike to blend peanut butter, fruit and yogurt together before shoveling the mixture into the  empty marrow bones. This keeps the filling a little lighter—which is good, because a teenager like me needs to think about maintaining her figure.

In my book, when I come home from my daily post-breakfast walk, there’s absolutely no better morning snack than one of those Frozen PBBs . Followed by a 3-hour nap, of course.

It’s a rough life, but things could be worse. I could be a basketball player in the NBA, for instance. Or a Nittany Lion.