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Chloë Debones a Bone

Mike was holding out on me. Way back in February, my aunts Susie and Debby sent me a present from Syracuse: a huge pork shank they saved from restaurant leftovers. They froze it, packed it in plastic, and sent it to me with Mike and Heather when they were there in February. Mike promptly put it in our kitchen freezer and forgot about it until last weekend, when he finally decided to let me have it. And yes, it was worth the wait, and even worth the painful boney nuggets I pooped out the next day. I mean, take a look at this bone!

Bone before

Bone before


Mike must have felt bad about depriving me all those weeks, because he warmed the bone in the microwave for me. Lest I get messy, he spread an additional towel across my office bed as a tablecloth, and then he told me to get into the bed and had the bone delivered to me on a silver platter. Well, a platter, anyway.

Special delivery

Special delivery

A work in progress

A work in progress

Since Heather was home working at the computer that day, it was her responsibility to monitor my activity with the bone, so I wouldn’t get any big pieces caught in my throat on the way down, or chew it until it barely existed anymore. Looking back at it now, I guess Heather didn’t do that great a job, did she? On the other hand, I didn’t choke on anything, and I can be quite vicious when I have a bone in my mouth. Here’s what was left.

Bone after

Bone appetit!


I heard that Mike is heading back to Syracuse again soon. If he fails to return with at least another bone to match this one, I’ll be having a bone to pick with him.

Chloë Gets Bad to the Bone

We stuck around the house on Memorial Day weekend, which gave me extra time for napping with Heather, going on long walks and lots of digging. I must have gotten pretty dirty, because Heather gave me a bath on Monday night; it certainly couldn’t have been because I smelled bad!

Chloë’s bone, in the flesh.

The holiday weekend also meant they had more time to monitor me while I was gnawing on the huge pork shank they gave me on Saturday. They had been saving it for the right moment since their anniversary dinner back in February. Finally, that time arrived. The bone came out of the freezer, making it look almost prehistoric. I grasped it eagerly and immediately began licking it to soften up its texture and bouquet. Excuse me while I lick my lips. Yum!

Apparently the deal is that as long as the bone doesn’t start splitting into tiny daggers, I can keep gnawing on it in limited periods for as long as it lasts. I’m not allowed to growl and refuse to give it up, either.

Well, I can live with that. I’m smart enough to know that if I chewed the bone up  all at once, I’d be pooping out hard nuggets for a week, and that gets darn uncomfortable quickly. Trust me, I’ve been there.

So after considering all alternatives, I’ll gladly gnaw off a little at a time and enjoy this bone as long as I can. All I can say is “Mmmmmmmm, good.”

Chloë being bad to her bone.

To be continued.