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Chloë Destructs the Indestructible Ball

Chloë’s purple and white ball.

First I used tennis balls. Then I moved on to the blue balls, which are much bouncier. Until I gnaw them into pieces, that is. And then came the hard, bouncy, purple-and-white balls, specially made for dogs to see better, and indestructible as well. Not un-loseable, unfortunately; Mike and Heather have managed to deposit several into various holes, drains and blackberry patches, so Heather keeps buying more of them. (I, on the other hand, have never lost one.) Or destroyed one, either, until now.

The ball inside.

I’m still not sure exactly how it happened. Heather and Mike were tossing the ball for me above the park parade ground, and next thing I knew I was chasing two balls, the usual purple and white one, and a smaller one of an indeterminate color definitely NOT on any dog vision color charts. The ball that popped out of the first ball was smaller — hard, fast and exciting. The old one just sat there, spent. I chased the smaller ball, and when I got it in my mouth I liked it so much I didn’t want to let go.

Mike was afraid I’d bust it up, so he finally made me give it up, trumping the ball with a frozen PBB. But I saw where he hid it on the kitchen counter, and whenever I want to bug Mike I just sit beneath it and stare upward.

Mike, of course, saw this as an opportunity, and he sent an email to the company that makes the ball: “We’ve had several purple-and-white Visi-Balls over the past year or so. Our puppy (that would be me, Chloë ) loves it, and whenever we needed a new one, it was because we lost it, not because she destroyed it, like she had other balls. But her newest ball split open when it hit the ground.”

Chloë eyes the inside ball.

Mike was trying to be polite, so let me translate for you: Hey, don’t you guys think you should send Chloë another ball?

Mike got an email back right away: “Glad to hear your dog enjoys our Visi-Ball,” it said. “We would like to send a new complimentary ball.  I am expecting a new shipment of Visi-Balls within the next week or so and will send one for Chloë to try as soon as they arrive.”

Excellent! And were that not enough, here’s the kicker:  The email went on to ask: “Do you have any pictures of Chloë with the Visi-Ball you would like to share on our website?” Are you kidding? If Mike doesn’t already have any good ones, I’ll have him snap some more as soon as the sun comes out. Meanwhile, check out my latest video:


I already smell an endorsement deal, maybe even a Chloë autograph model Visi-Ball. Sweet.