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Chloë Gets Collared

Aglow in the dark.

When Daylight Saving Time ends, the days grow shorter quickly here in the Pacific Northwest. My morning walks can start in darkness, and in the afternoon we often return home with the streetlights on. One morning a car roared up our block way too fast, and it came within inches of my tail as I innocently sniffed along the parking strip across the street from our house. With the dark days already upon us, Heather decided we needed to throw some light on the situation. So she had Mike order me one of these illuminated Blazin’ Safety Collars. Now I glow in the dark.

Moon over Seattle.

My collar is orange, of course. Heather only puts it around my neck when it’s dark outside, and she usually doesn’t bother taking my regular Syracuse collar off. The new one can be set to have a steady glow or flash at two different speeds, but we’ve only stuck to the steady glow so far. Don’t want to get too radical now.

As you can see, the normally reliable Mike has yet to master the nuances of night photography with his cell phone, and thus the images I’m including here are hardly up to my normal high standards. He’ll better up his game, or he’ll find out he can be replaced.

Mike shows off Chloë’s new collar: Who’s leading whom?