Chloë Ramps It Up

Chloë’s newly carpeted ramp.

I have two neighborhood news items to report.

First and foremost is the upgrade Mike gave to my front-door ramp. I have been using the ramp ever since the “bed rest” period I endured last fall, when my back legs were tender and I limped and avoided stairs. I adopted the ramp without hesitation, naturally prancing up and down without a thought of using the steps anymore. Even though it’s only two steps, this will be good practice for the longer, steeper ramps (to Mike’s and Heather’s bed and the car) that will no doubt enter my future.

Plush resurfacing.

However, after another rainy winter of wear and tear, the ramp’s original grainy surface was literally falling to pieces. So with a little online research, Mike and Heather went to Lowe’s and returned with a piece of indoor-outdoor carpet that fit the ramp perfectly and easily glued into place. Mission accomplished! I especially like the two-toned surface and the softer texture beneath my toes that the new carpet provides. Mike did OK, for once.

My other good news on the block was the permanent exit of my frequent feline foil, Fred. Apparently Frederika ruined one too many window and door screens, and recently she left several rabbit and bird carcasses on the welcome mat. Her owners, with help from another neighbor, found a shelter that would take Fred, and she was gone.

One less bell to answer…

Frankly, I  hope Fred never finds her way back here, and that the other black cat who was so enamored of Fred (feelings not reciprocated) won’t be lounging in the ground cover in our neighbors’ gardens anymore. Nobody will miss them, There are enough dogs peeing everywhere around our block to keep the rodents in check, and we can leave the cats and bunnies for the coyotes.


4 responses to “Chloë Ramps It Up

  1. Im afraid Penny will soon have ramps all over. Thanks for the Lowes tip!

  2. Barbara Jackman

    great ramp. great idea too.

  3. This is an outrage!. Fred does her job as a feline and winds up incarcerated. Don’t those clueless humans realize that a cat’s sworn duty is to hunt down despicable pests like rabbits, birds and dachshunds? I’m filing a formal protest with the Seattle SPCA and writing a letter to Willow Biden to request a pardon for Fredericka.

  4. Chloe, at one time Mike left me an email concerning your heart after a routine check up, you are now back from your summer vacation, and I would appreciate an update on your health. thanks so much! Selma McNamara

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