Chloë Gets Auntsy

Backseat drivers.

The recent visit of my Syracuse aunts Susie and Debby was wonderful. They immediately picked up my cues on where my downstairs treats are located, and it had been years since I got this much constant attention. The best part was having company in the back seat of Heather’s car whenever we drove somewhere. Rather than my recent hesitancy about getting into the car and regular whining while in it, there was zero whining when I had my choice of two laps to lie on. Maybe they can come along with us when we drive across Canada to Syracuse this summer.

Pausing at Kubota Garden.

We took Susie and Debby on walks at Shilshole Marina, the Washington Park Arboretum, the Centennial Park trail past the grain elevator, Kubota Garden and around our Magnolia neighborhood to check out all the blooming rhododendrons. One evening my pals Caroline and Schatzi came over for dinner, but that was the extent of the partying. Other than that, the weather was cold and it rained a lot, so everybody did a lot of sitting around in the living room, talking and watching movies or slide shows of old family photos. Everybody in my pack was in one room, just the way I like it. That was my idea of a perfect vacation. I hope my aunts felt the same.

Chloë welcomes Susie and Debby to Seattle.


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