Chloë Starts the New Year in a Fog

On the Capehart trail on a foggy afternoon.

After that Christmas week snow melted, it rained for many days in a row, saturating the ground all over Western Washington and even causing a landslide about a mile away in our neighborhood that destroyed a home and killed one of the two dogs inside. The other dog was found alive in the rubble several days later. Yikes! As my aunt Susie once opined when her brother Mike fell down a flight of stairs, “Glad it wasn’t me!”

Walking those mean streets,

Then the rain stopped and the sun came out, at least once in a while. We saw some nice sunsets. On most days, however, the moist earth and lack of wind created a thick blanket of fog that often hung above our little peninsula from morning until night and into the next morning. Of course, Heather, Mike and I would still get out for our afternoon walks anyway, even when on a few of those days it looked pretty spooky out there.

When the sun finally peeked through for a few hours, the ground warmed up enough that the first tiny snowdrops popped up in the front yard, and the sarcococca started to bloom with its sweet vanilla fragrance. Spring can’t come soon enough for me.


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