Chloë Plays Nurse

As you might already know, Mike had surgery on his back a couple of weeks ago, and since he got home things have still been a little out of whack with my routine. This had both good and bad points, as far as I am concerned.

Bride does groom.

Heather took over pretty much all of my care. She did all my walks and made all my meals, and that part was good, because we walked less, threw the ball more, and I got more food in my bowl. Heather even took me downstairs every morning to get my “When Mike goes downstairs to exercise” treat, even though Mike was not exercising. Mike might have become entirely superfluous if not for him doling out treats now and then, as when Heather and I came back from a walk and played “harness off,” or before I sprint from the kitchen to bed. And he was still good for providing a comfortable sleeping spot between his legs on a fleece blanket. in the morning, a highly coveted location.

Mike, of course, normally gives me a hard time with my daily grooming, but I expected more kindness (or at least indifference) when Heather took over. No such luck! She still made me slink reluctantly into the kitchen for my teeth-brushing every evening before dinner, dammit. And when we got to grooming my furry body, she went far beyond anything Mike ever tried. She brushed me for a long, long time, and soon she was pulling out scissors to clip off some errant shock of fur on my beard, legs or underbelly. I almost wished that Mike were back!

Poised for action.

Then I looked at Mike, siting in his  living room recliner, watching sports on TV day and night, masked up and brandishing his cane like a weapon, and I eventually came to my senses. Nah, better stick with Heather.

Last week Mike started walking with us again, even though it’s at a slower slower  pace than we usually do. When Heather and I get too far ahead, we do an about-face and walk back toward Mike;, and when reach him, we turn around and repeat. This was bor-ing. To register my disgust, I did a dachshund flop in my tracks and whined for the good ol’ days. Heather ignored me.

Hopefully Mike will be back at full speed again soon. Meanwhile, I decided all that extra grooming wasn’t so bad after all, when several people stopped Heather to comment on my cuteness, my happy-go-lucky strut or my generally attractive appearance.  This kind of thing used to happen all the time when I was younger, and then these compliments thinned out. Apparently getting a new hairdresser really paid off.

Chloë checks her patient.


2 responses to “Chloë Plays Nurse

  1. Miss Chloe – you definitely look adorable – so kudos to Heather coifing. I am confused by the title to this episode – “Chloe Plays Nurse.” Maybe it was a reference to your “bedside” manner – as in sleeping with Mike between his legs. Sounds like all are doing well at your home. Kept it up. Cheers, lc

  2. Poor Mike. He probably hurt his back holding your stupid leash and picking up your slimy ball. And all you do is whine about how it affects you. You know, if he drops your flea-bitten butt off at the nearest shelter, he could probably get a nice cat while he’s there. Kevin and I wish the Chief a speedy recovery.

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