Chloë Relaxes the Rules

Dog walk on the rooftop deck.

Quarantine marches on, pretty much every day the same. My big highlight of the week was when Heather spilled yogurt on the kitchen floor and I got to lick it up. That’s what passes for excitement these days.

Maybe things are loosening up somewhat. While my favorite ladies Jeré and Channon, our house cleaners, haven’t returned yet, apparently some other restrictions will be easing. More parks will be opening, so maybe we’ll be able to take a drive and walk somewhere other than Discovery Park.  I know Mike is worried about never driving his car, and I’m looking forward to a changes of scents as well as seasons, so it would be a win-win situation.

I enjoyed a bit more social interaction already. One day we went for a walk with my friends from Juneau, George and Debbie, who are staying in Seattle while George goes to doctors and gets treatments. It was a sunny afternoon, but instead of going to a park, we walked near their apartment building, crossing city streets and sidewalks that were mostly empty, and then through tunnels, across bridges and down stairways amid tall buildings downtown. Places like this are normally crowded,  not my cup of tea, but in today’s world we were the only ones there.

View west from rooftop deck.

Then we went back to the rooftop deck of the building where George and Debbie are living, and I tried out the private pet walkway on the east side. That was fun, but then all there was to do was lie around in the sun while the four of them chit-chatted away about such scintillating topics as how many new tricks  George’s dog Yankee has learned lately. (Playing dead? Big deal! What has he written?)  They even took off their face masks to drink beer. and I’m calling them out for doing it.

Chloë and Schatzi devour Frozen PBBs in their respective beds.

Later in the week, even though Heather was already aware that social distancing is in force for dogs as well as people, my young friend Schatzi paid us a visit.  Caroline didn’t come into our house when she dropped her off, but Schatzi stayed several hours, and as soon as  she hit the door, social distancing went out the window. Mike was downstairs exercising when she arrived, but he came running up because he mistook the pounding of our eight tiny paws on the floor for an earthquake. I let her go for a while, but soon set limits so I could get Schatzi  interested in more important stuff, like scarfing up frozen PBBs (I let her have a small one), napping in camp chairs, napping in bed with Heather, and going for a long walk in the park. Although Schatzi didn’t even stay for dinner, I’m sure she was tuckered out when she got home. So was I.


3 responses to “Chloë Relaxes the Rules

  1. Hey Chloe – I found this post especially poignant! You are such a talent at so many things, but your writing and storytelling are stellar. It was also so sweet to hear of the wonderful play date with little Schatzi. She is lucky to have such a good role model – with access to such great things especially the comfy beds, comfy sleeping/exercising humans, and the yummy frozen PBBs. I am working from home on a 7 day “unexpected” project – which has been stimulating and a welcome change. Pre-“c-virus” you may recall that I would at times sit in or near my local park usually reading and always prepared with dog and kitty treats. There are about 15 neighborhood “regulars” that I have not interacted with since December 1st (when my car got totaled while stalled on the steep Magnolia bridge.) My new social routine with dogs (and 3 local kitties) is to sit on the bottom stairway leading up to my townhouse. All owners did not hesitate a moment in sharing the unconditional appreciation of their babies. Good things that most dog harness these days have such long (and some have locking) leads. While not the same much loved routine, it is an option that was received well by all.

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