Chloë Finds a Home on the Range

Just because I detailed some of the hazards of the road in my previous post, don’t get the idea that I didn’t enjoy it. In fact, after Heather learned to roll down my window whe we slowed down, I had all kinds of fun sticking my nose out and sniffing what this country is all about. It was interesting. One day I was herding buffalo…

Get along, li’l doggies, get along! Wind Cave National Park, SD

The next day it was cows. We rounded ’em up in the Black Hills, and not a moment too soon. Within a half hour the sky turned as black as the hills and a sudden and torrential rainstorm drove us from the road. The cattle were home by then.

Heading west, nearly every afternoon brought a spectacular sunset in the  western skies.

We drove and walked through high desert and high mountain passes. (No large lakes or ocean, though, as I refuse to walk near waves.)

I loved those wide-open spaces.  It’s nice to be home, but I’m ready to hit the road again.

Raring to roam.



One response to “Chloë Finds a Home on the Range

  1. Hello Chloe, Mike & Heather,

    It has been great to travel along on your wonderful summer adventures. Such a great job blogging, too.

    As I shared recently by phone with Heather, I am very familiar with your strong liking of rolling down the car window to facilitate your interaction with the world. Remember our first time? It was when my VW Rabbit was the last car allowed down the main route – just before the Seafair parade began. You were “hanging out” (well tethered to seat belt with your harness) the passenger window, cheerfully interacting and stimulating the rowdy parade crowd. You were definitely the warm up act. Those pirates and clowns had nothing up to the skillful warmth you shared with the crowds.

    Cheers, Lynn Clark h/office 206-323-3349

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