Chloë Romps with Schatzi

Schatzi lies down.

Since Frank and Stanley travel to Arizona for the winter and miss our birthday, it makes getting together with them difficult. Besides, the boys got so huge that chasing and rolling around with them wasn’t as much fun as it used to be. That may be why I was so excited when  we arrived for my second meeting with the puppy Schatzi. Based on our first encounter two weeks ago, I would finally get a chance to dominate. And dominate I  did.

Schatzi  was already bigger and less wrinkly than she was two weeks ago, but she was still perfectly content to follow me around and try to do everything I did.  She had a couple of nice forward rolls. Although she couldn’t get my ball into her mouth yet, I let her lick it and sniff it a few times, so she understood what a treasure it was. I think she got it.

Surprisingly, I didn’t lose interest in playing with Schatzi in the whole hour we were there (including rest periods, during which I let Schatzi drink from my water bowl after I was done). When we got up to go home, I resisted. I would have preferred staying longer.

Schatzi and Chloë rub noses.

So Schatzi and I have met once inside her house and once outside in a secluded park, where we could prance around untethered for a while. I think Caroline, Mike and Heather are building Schatzi and I up to an actual walk, when we are on leashes and expected to do whatever our owners tells us. I believe I’m a little further along on this concept than Schatzi is, although lately Heather might dispute that. She and I seem to be having increasing conflict on behavioral issues. I will  have to address that in my next thrilling installment.

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