Chloë Decries Being Cute

Harry Bliss comic 2017.

Beyond “what kind of dog is that?” the most common comment I heard from strangers on our trip across the country last summer was, “Your dog is soooo cute!”

I am flattered, but I don’t want to be labeled one-dimensional, known only for my looks. There’s so much more to me than that, don’t you think? My exemplary behavior, for example. And my athletic abilities, of course. Not to mention my humility and my many years of service to humanity and the canine world.

Cutest of them all?

All this praise leaves me tired, however. Who needs the aggravation? The people have spoken. We’ll just stick with cute for now.

One response to “Chloë Decries Being Cute

  1. Chloe-bear – you definitely win “the cutest” and “wiliest” and “snuggliest ” and “best ballplayer” and “best sleeping dog” [especially in front of the toasty fireplace] and “most patient” has you sit on your camper chair – er throne – overseeing the humans dutifully diced your veggies to the appropriate size and variety …. And, do not forget your ride as a SeaFair princess – as we were the last car on 3rd Avenue before they closed the street for the parade. You were in the passenger side of my VW Rabbit (named after your favorite critter to chase) with your paws on the partially opened window – appearing to wave no doubt. The kids in particular pointed and cheered. True talent.

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