Chloë Abandons One Bed for Another

Two girls in bed.

This photo gives a good indication of what Heather’s “change in schedule” (we can’t really call it retirement!) means to me: more TV watching in bed and nap time! When Heather does “go to work,” it’s downstairs in the house, not driving away in the car. Now I can be with her all day, most of the time with the fireplace on, an added bonus. So  depending on my mood and temperature, I can choose to lay in my camp chair or on the rug in front of the fireplace and in either location be perfectly content all day, or at least until Heather’s cursing and yelling at herself wakes me up. She can really rile herself up, so it’s good that I’m there as a calming influence.

I haven’t abandoned the upstairs office bed entirely. It’s still my preferred spot for licking a Frozen PBB clean, and sometimes I like to go in there in the morning, when Heather is using the office computer. But as far as when Mike is in there? Not so much, except in the infrequent occasions when Heather is at a meeting or out of town. And at breakfast and dinner time, of course. That goes without saying.

The empty nest.

In fact, I was about to forget about Mike entirely when he went away for a week to visit his mom, the first time in almost a year that we’ve been separated for even a day. That’s when I realized that not only did I miss Mike, but that I needed him. If just Heather took care of me all the time, I would never get away with anything, at least not to the extent I do with Mike. He’s so easy, it’s like having three cupcakes on your non-conference schedule. Heather is tougher, more like playing Alabama every week. Come back, Mike, all is forgiven. Besides, who else can I get to do my typing?


One response to “Chloë Abandons One Bed for Another

  1. Siri and Google Translate should wise up and learn your language, Chloë… Mike would never need to type for you again!

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