Chloë Remembers a Cat

Spanky takes over Mike’s pillow on an earlier Syracuse visit.

My Syracuse aunts, Susie and Debby, lost their cat Spanky last week. Well, they didn’t lose him, exactly, because they know where he is. He has been sick for a long time, and he finally went to that big Bidawee Home in the sky.

It makes me sad. Even though Spanky was nothing but mean to me when we finally met in Syracuse last summer, I can empathize with my aunts. I know they’re really hurting inside, because I know how much they loved him. And while it’s true that the old, nasty Spanky snarled, hissed, and threw his claws at me every time our paths crossed,  now I kind of miss those little tête-à-têtes. They invigorated me, and aroused my own animal instincts.

Spanky, September 2017

Once I got back to Seattle, I started to pay my own little homage to Spanky. In Syracuse, the cat would hang out under Debby’s car in the driveway, waiting for an opportunity to pounce on me. I quickly developed the habit of looking under Debby’s car every time I walked past, just in case he was there. Since I’ve been home, I’ve been checking underneath the Bartons’ cars for their two black cats, Ted and Fred, so I can root them out and chase them back into the hedges where they belong. Every time I crouch and stare under those cars, I think of Spanky and smile. Then I get back to barking and taking off after the damn black cats.

Tracking the Bartons’ cats: The waiting is the hardest part.

6 responses to “Chloë Remembers a Cat

  1. Can you hang in my backyard and chase the nasty cats out of it? Thanks sweetie.

  2. Thank you Chloe for your nice remembrance of Spanky. Glad you two finall got to meet each othe

  3. Chloe – your sidewalk photo shows you in your ever vigilant huntress pose – on the alert though you look relaxed. Bet it fools many of your otherwise wily nemesis. Good job.

  4. Nice memorial to Spanky, Chloë! Condolences to her humans.

  5. Robert Brooke Albertson

    Congratulations,, Chloe, on the great Syracuse victory. We think of you often, even though we are now “across the pond.” We look across the water and imagine you chasing orange balls down Chloe’s Lane!

    Brooke & Jan (formerly of Magnolia)

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