Chloë Gets Wet in the Woods

Chloë’s favorite brand

It’s getting on toward mid-October already, but it still feels like Indian Summer to me, bright and clear in the afternoons and turning quickly crisp when the sun dips down. Perfect weather for chasing after my whistling balls. Last week I knocked a blue one over a bluff in the park that was so steep that Mike and Heather wouldn’t let me chase down the cliff after it. I knew where it was, too, but getting to it would have posed some problems, I admit, and it was a long, long way down. Luckily, Mike knew where to find another ball in a box in the garage, an orange one at that.


I’ve also been gnawing away at two green racquet balls that my pal Charlie brought along last weekend when we drove out to the Snoqualmie Valley Trail for a Sunday hike. We walked almost two hours, an hour and a half in glorious fall weather and the last half hour in a sudden, unexpected and torrential downpour.  Huge by Washington standards, Central New York thunderstorm-level heavy but cold and piercing, including some hail. Charlie and Heather had been throwing for me when the deluge began, even as parts of the sky remained blue and the forest floor was flooded with sunshine. Mike kept saying the rain was going to stop any second, but it was still pouring when we finally reached the car and hopped in.

Since everyone was soaking wet, they scrapped their plans for dining on the way home and headed back to the city for towels, dry clothes and pizza. I got extra cheese on my own dinner and later licked plates when they were done with the pizza. All in all, another great Sunday, despite the rain.

3 responses to “Chloë Gets Wet in the Woods

  1. I am so glad I get to keep up with Chloe’s adventures! It sounds like she has the two of you very well trained! Of the three sisters I have kept contact with, Chloe is the literary one, Elsa (mine) is the maternal (and bitchy) one, and Moxie (the black and tan) is the obedient one–she is working on the highest obedience level at the dog shows!). Anyway, Chloe, it takes a long time, and many repetitions to completely train your people, keep up the good work! Your loving breeder, Selma

  2. Hi, Selma! So great to hear from you and to know you’re still paying attention to my misadventures. Would love to see those sisters…maybe they’ll pay more attention to me than my bully brothers, Frank and Stanley. I still think about my parents, Banshee and William, and hope that they are still enjoying their old age. I know we’ll all be there someday. Thanks for commenting, and please keep reading!

  3. Hey Chloe-bear, you always make life seem so exciting! You are so very lucky to have Heather, Mike and Uncle Charlie to keep you on your toes and from tripping the light fantastic over a cliff for a blue toy. I am so glad you were not allowed to retrieve it. Remember that the heat of the basement fireplace calls now that the chill is in the air. Hugs to you and your family.

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