Chloë Takes in the View

Olympics from Richmond Beach Park

Olympics from Richmond Beach Park

Finally, maybe the winter is over. Sure, it rained a lot this past week, but it was warm rain. Snowdrops and crocus have emerged, and all my salad bars are ripening. It’s not Arizona, but it’s not that bad.

In fact, the previous weekend was sunny both days. Sunday was gorgeous. Mike, Heather and I picked up Charlie and drive to my dog pal Penny’s neighborhood in Richmond Beach, even though we knew Penny wasn’t home, still in Florida for the winter. Why did we go there anyway? It was the just the right place at the right time, I guess, with apologies due to Dr. John. We walked all around the park, from top to bottom to top again, and I liked the place fine until it came to the beach part. Even then, I was OK walking in the dunes as long as I didn’t have to get too close to those monster waves. Even when Charlie threw my ball away from the water, he couldn’t coax me out onto the sand to chase it.

Fetch on the lawn

Fetch on the lawn

I much preferred the upper elevations of this park, which offer 180-degree views of the Olympic Mountains and an expansive lawn area for me to chase my ball, even when there were other dogs and people around. To guard against potential distractions, Heather stationed herself at one end of the lawn, and Charlie stood on the other while I played dachshund in the middle.

Later, after many, many throws. I rested on the grass, something I never get to do at home. Maybe I can convince Mike to put in a lawn in our yard if I promise to graze enough to keep it well-trimmed.

Resting on the lawn between throws.

Resting on the lawn between throws.


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