Chloë Shows Some Love for the Glove

Resting on Chloë Lane.

Resting on Chloë’s Lane.

Our weather has been downright summer-like the past week, but the thickening carpet of fallen leaves covering Chloë’s Lane is a  certain harbinger of fall’s arrival. So far, all the camouflage has not diminished my ability to track down my new orange ball. I have been making Heather, Mike and Charlie throw it for me as often as ever, and we haven’t lost one yet.

The only problem with my new ball is how dirty and slobbery it gets, which makes throwing it a pretty grimy activity for my pitching staff. The enterprising Mike actually came up with a solution for the slime: We call it The Glove. This all-leather Glove was actually designed and marketed for gardening purposes, which I don’t really understand: I love digging, but wearing the Glove would actually slow me down and decrease my effectiveness in earth-moving.

The Glove

The Glove

For people, however, wearing the Glove allows a better grip on the ball, providing more control as well as protection for the pitcher’s hand. And the best part: I’m  lucky enough to have two owners who throw with opposite hands, so one pair supplies the whole family! Until Mike inevitably loses his, of course.

3-The Glove and New Bowl with Finger

New water bowl takes a selfie with The Glove.

I was thinking about marketing my personal autographed version of The Glove, but I realized that in Seattle the title of The Glove is too closely identified with basketball Hall-of-Famer Gary Payton. Oklahoma City stole away the Seattle SuperSonics by the time I came along, and well after Payton left the Sonics for other teams, but as a noted champion of the games of fetch and catch, I  appreciate the art of ball-handling. I’m going to let Gary Payton have my idea and see if he runs with it.



4 responses to “Chloë Shows Some Love for the Glove

  1. No mention about a southpaw who needed to sit out one day due to shoulder and back tightness from making pesto all day.

  2. Love hearing of your adventures. Give a good face licking to Mike and Heather for me.

  3. Chloe, I am surprised to see the R-rated selfie from the Glove on your usually wholesome site. Your reference to the Seattle SuperSonics brought a flood of “ball” memories of my own. Back in the day, my roommate Sara and I played tennis with Jack Sikma and his fraternity brothers during a magical 3 week stretch of summer. (Jack Sikma was a 7-time NBA [center] All-Star with Seattle SuperSonics – and later team assistant coach.) The tennis playing led to dinner/dancing with the gents, more tennis, a brunch and even a visit to Jack’s new house on the Eastside – that was furnished only with plastic lawn chairs – so pre his marriage. Ok, many moons ago, but fond memories. Keep your eye on the prize girlfriend!

  4. Chloe. You write so beautifully! I love the first sentence in this piece.
    Thanks for the chuckle.

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