Chloë Entertains More Visitors from the East

I  haven’t yet had the privilege of visiting “back East,” which is where Mike and Heather came from, long before I was born. But everyone I meet from “back East” is so much fun, I can’t wait for a chance to get there. Heather has told me many times that she’s going to take me there “after I retire,” whenever that may be.

Cruise ship off to Alaska

Cruise ship off to Alaska

Everybody I’ve met from “back East” is so nice to me. My latest visitors were Gary and Cindy, who came from Boston to go to a wedding near Seattle.  Gary and  Mike have known each other since the Seventies in Syracuse, many dogs ago,  and they have remained close friends. He and Cindy stayed with us twice, at both ends of a week-long cruise to Alaska prior to the wedding near Seattle.  In fact, the day they came back we took a walk and we could see their cruise ship sail past the viewpoints in Discovery Park.

Gary and Cindy

Gary and Cindy

The first part of their visit was too much of a whirlwind for me to make much of an impression on them. It was a record hot day in Seattle, and so I had to stay home, unable to sit on their laps during Mike’s official auto tour of the city. On their return visit, however, I had two whole days to teach Cindy the whereabouts of my downstairs treat container, and I got both of them to walk with me all the way down to the Ballard Locks and back, which was a lot more exercise than they got on that cruise ship, I’m sure. We were out walking almost three hours that afternoon, and trust me, there was no all-you-can-eat buffet laid out when we got back to our house, either. Gary and Cindy more than coped with all the hardships; they had smiles on their faces the whole time they were here.

I could tell they were OK people when they picked me up to pose for their official Chloë Visitor Portrait without regard to the fancy duds they were wearing for the wedding. I approve! I just hope they come back before that downstairs treat container is empty.

5 responses to “Chloë Entertains More Visitors from the East

  1. Good dog Chloe, you whipped those 2 in shape. Our Chloe is on a log car drive to California. Right now she has finally chosen her place to settle down for the night.

    Sue Berger 🌻


  2. Chloë ~ I’m another Backeaster your Dad first met fifty years ago this month. We were freshman roomies at S.U.I’m sure you are familiar with the orange and blue doses of bespoke color throughout your home. This was the start of a rip roaring era, where our hair grew out and our clothes went shabby. Your dad was on the College Bowl team of Watson West IV that won the tournament as freshmen. I lorded over all as president. Four more years!!

    • Chloë thanks her Uncle Bill for caring and sharing. Hard to believe it was 50 years ago this month that Mike and you started on the adventure that has led to all my Orange paraphernalia. Yikes that’s a long time ago, especially in dog years.

  3. Chloe – such a good hostess. Sharing the location of your treat jar was generous, too. Nice photo.

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