Chloë Bobs

Drinking on the trail from collapsible dish.

Drinking on the trail from collapsible dish.

I have a new game that I play with Mike. I call it bobbing, because it’s my variation of bobbing for apples. I haven’t tried apples yet, but the season is almost upon us.

In the meantime, bobbing for treats will do. Here’s how we play. Mike fills a bowl with water and throws in a couple of Charlee Bears or small hearts (we mix cheese, salmon and fruit varieties). Some float, some sink. Some do both, depending on how long it takes me to lap them up. When Mike says it’s OK, I stick my snout into the water and slurp, hoping to suck in the treat along with some H2O. If it’s a hot day, and Mike wants me to drink more water, we bob for treats two or three times. I always get them. It’s not that hard.

Checking out the communal bowls.

Checking out the communal bowls.

Recently Mike increased my degree of difficulty. He led me to the large water bowl that sits outside the restroom at the southwest corner of my park. This bowl is  much larger and deeper than my own water bowl (which by the way endured so many workouts that it broke the other day, and Mike had to order new ones). Normally I don’t have much interest in drinking from communal bowls like this one. I never take a drink from the much smaller bowls at the visitor center. But this bowl looked much more interesting to me when Mike tossed a couple of Charlee Bears into it. They floated, and I made quite a splash when I stuck my head in to get them. Quite refreshing in August, in fact. So much so that whenever we walk near the bluff nowadays I lead Mike into that out-of-the-way corner just so I can get in a few dunks on our way home. Unless the water in the bowl gets too cold for my liking when winter comes, I might get in enough practice that I could be ready for the next NBA dunk competition in February.

Slam dunk.

Slam dunk.

In fact, maybe I’ll start to like putting my head under water so much that I’ll dare to conquer the tiny Puget Sound waves that still make me run in fear. Well, maybe I’ll start with a pond or small lake and work my way up from there.


4 responses to “Chloë Bobs

  1. Such talents! I know during our “stay-cations” a treat is frequently dropped into your home water bowl – to get you to drink more frequently during the hot weather. Sounds like you are building up excellent endurance. Cheers.

  2. Why is there a Trump ad on your website, Chloe? Just checking….

    • Chloë thanks you for bringing this to her attention! She hit the roof, and is vocalizing to get my attention to do something about it. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much we can do about it, as our blog host WordPress explains:

      “Occasionally, some of your visitors may see an advertisement here
      You can hide these ads completely by upgrading to one of our paid plans.”

      If Chloë wants to upgrade, she’ll have to start a Kickstarter campaign to pay for it, at least until she sells her first memoir to a major publishing house.

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