Chloë Makes New Friends

Alone again naturally.

Alone again naturally.

Quite surprisingly, even to myself, I’ve been getting more social of late with other dogs. While I’m normally apprehensive, content to watch them from afar, recently I’ve been more curious, approaching warily, almost willing to engage. Sometimes I’m even starting to seek out their company, tentatively, then slinking away if my presence draws their interest,  or in a few cases even playing for a bit before retreating to safety behind Mike or Heather. It’s a process.

Meanwhile, I always do better with humans. I finally met the new UPS delivery guy, Craig. Unlike the reports from Merrie’s mom Jane that he gave Merrie five bickies at once, he gave me only one,  so I stalked his truck at every stop on our block. He waved at me when he drove off, but he didn’t throw me a second biscuit from the driver’s seat. I guess M & H will have to order more stuff online so he will see what important customers we are. He will have to be trained, that’s all there is to it!

Wait, don't leave without throwing another biscuit!

Wait, don’t leave without throwing another biscuit!

Of course, if anyone is planning to send any year-end holiday gifts our way, please don’t screw around with long lines at the post office or those white trucks from Federal Express…go BROWN, people!

I also have a new pal in Jill, my new dog walker. Mike and Heather went somewhere…they had been packing for days, so it must be farther than Syracuse. Lynn is staying with me as usual, but now she has to work more, so Jill comes during the day and takes me out for a long walk, but no off-leash time or ball-throwing. Jill is now my third walker this week, after Lynn and of course Charlie, who comes on the weekend. Jill must be some kind of specialist, I figure. Maybe this is part of the boot camp that Heather is always threatening me with. We’ll see. In the meantime, Jill puts my Kong Wobbler on the kitchen floor when she leaves, so it seems no training is necessary for her. If it is, I’ll get Mike to take care of it whenever he comes back from wherever he and Heather went. I’m certain it won’t be that much longer…it never is.



One response to “Chloë Makes New Friends

  1. Ok – I have to “fess-up.” What sounded like a UPS truck came around 9:30pm. The girl and I were sleeping together in the bed, with the bedroom door closed. Chloe bolted for that door and did her crazy whimper/dance routine. I patted the toasty covers and invited her back to bed. She eventually returned to bed – but not without a few very heavy sighs. The walking with Jill seems to working well. The girl is ready for bed by around 8:00pm. When I chopped veggies while sitting at the table with the girl in her camper chair – she fell to sleep. It was only 7:00pm (post evening walk around the block and dinner). This morning she stumbled up the front stairs to the porch. After removing her harness I thoroughly checked her over to make sure she was not hurt. She sprang up and gave Whiffy a fling – so all thing fine. Will check her out again tonight. Cheers.

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