Chloë Sets New Fetch Records

We finally came home from my getaway. Being there almost two weeks took its toll on my body, so I have been resting up a bit while Mike watches baseball playoffs on TV seemingly 24 hours a day. At the getaway, I get so busy that I often don’t get my full quota of afternoon naps, so it’s good to catch up.

On the back lawn

On the back lawn

The highlight of the recent vacation was the new dachshund fetch records that I set Sunday, Oct. 4, on my getaway’s back lawn. Heather certified that I set new marks for single-session (85 throws-and-returns) and single-day (175). My two-day total of 300 has yet to be certified, but we expect official word soon.

Let’s see…what else happened on this trip? As you no doubt recall from my previous post, this time I graciously shared my getaway with the mop-like Pumpkin and Mister Fuzz, a black-and-white former barn cat.  Pumpkin turned out to be more fun than I expected. I actually grew to like her, and we even engaged in some mutual butt-sniffing before this stay was over. That’s high praise.

Mister Fuzz, however, is another story. We had but two brief encounters, as Heather expended much energy on keeping us apart. Luckily, nobody tripped on anything, and our tete a tetes were well-controlled.

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That getaway place is just too much fun! Toys, carpets, lawns, forests, even a dog companion. If I can just get that cat back into the barn where it belongs,  it would be perfect.


4 responses to “Chloë Sets New Fetch Records

  1. Wow Miss Chloe – sure looks like you had a great time (except when it appears you almost drown playing fetch.) Just curious, is Pumpkin named such because she is an October-baby? Truth-be-told, I had to take a few looks at your previous “episode” because I completely missed Pumpkin on the pile of toys. Cheers to good sports and retreats,

  2. Caroline Alabach

    Hi Chloe, Mike and Heather-

    Just wanted to make sure that you knew UPS Kevin is retiring 10/31. He has been such a legend in Magnolia and to our pups! Caroline

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Is this the year Chloë puts on her Chloepatra outfit for Halloween. Queen of the Nile!

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