Chloë Marks Her Spot

Last week’s news was not all good. First Mike took me to the vet to get toothpaste (seafood flavor, my favorite!) and have a weigh-in. The scales didn’t go in my favor, I’m afraid. I weighed in  at 18.8 pounds, up from 16.7 pounds last April, when my doctor told Mike that I was too skinny, and to get me up to 18 pounds. So my rations increased, and I gained some weight, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. But at 18.8, apparently we’ve gone too far. Anyway you slice it, my culinary honeymoon is over. From now on, all teaspoons, tablespoons and 1/3 cups will be level and my treats will be smaller, at least until my UPS guy shows up with two large biscuits.

In better times at the office

Guarding  Heather’s office in better times

Even worse news came from  Heather’s office. Her company got a “cease-and-desist” order from its new landlord and immediately ended its dog-friendly policy, at least for the time being. A couple of dogs came there almost every day, and I feel badly for them and their owners, whose lives will be disrupted. As for me, who showed up for visits only when Mike was away from home, the effect remains to be seen. Mike’s next trip won’t be until October sometime, so I’m not too worried about it. I doubt I’ll be neglected.

Other than that, I had plenty of good news. My Uncle Bill sent me a gift, a really soft mitt that dries me off and gives me a gentle belly rub at the same time. (Unfortunately it was NOT delivered by UPS, which would have been what I call “hitting the daily double,” as I would have gotten two biscuits along with Bill’s gift. But no such luck this time.)

Messy Mutt mitt

Messy Mutt mitt

Since I felt the weather turning fall-like the past few days, now I’m looking forward to some drenching rain so I can fully test my new merchandise. In the meantime, I just like the way it feels. Thanks, Uncle Bill, one of my most frequent commenters and biggest fans.  I’m so glad his pickling business is booming.

And that wasn’t all. Apparently learning of my summer-long attraction to the grassy knoll at the end of our street, across from the park entrance, the City of Seattle made it official. The area was already posted as a no-parking zone, but I have now been granted special dispensation for parking my tiny brown butt on the grass there any time I damn well want to.

Staking out her territory

Staking out her territory



4 responses to “Chloë Marks Her Spot

  1. Wow Miss Chloe – so special to have “parking” permit so quickly. We all know you are special, but now even apparently so does the city. Way to command respect. (Now that you are back on the diet, I will be sure to support your slimming efforts when I come stay with you during Mike & Heather’s next travels.) Cheers.

  2. Train for the various dog races and the pounds will melt away

  3. Awww, maybe if the new landlord met you, and saw how cute you he would change his mind??? Congrats with your new Messy mitt. Might have to find one for my messy boys.

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