Chloë Welcomes Summer with a Treat

Cruise ship approaches West Point Lighthouse.

Cruise ship approaches Seattle’s West Point Lighthouse.

I can tell summer is here when I see the cruise ships go by Magnolia Bluff in the late afternoon, leaving Elliott Bay en route to British Columbia and Alaska. In June the days get longer and longer, and this spring nearly every day was hot like it was August already. Amazing! Thankfully the humidity stayed low, and in the park we enjoyed nice northerly breezes that kept our walks cool. There are plenty of rabbits around, too. In fact, I could happily spend hours every day roaming the thickets above the parking lot, if Mike would only let me. Not likely.

Relaxing after the hunt

Relaxing after the hunt

The best I could get came one Sunday afternoon when my buddy Charlie was walking with Mike, Heather and me. On the way home, I was strolling along innocently, just ahead of the pack, when I broke away suddenly, sprinting off with my leash trailing behind. The three of them fanned out to look for me, and Mike was soon successful, heading back toward the area I had seen rabbits running by just an hour or so earlier. He found me snarling at bunnies under a tall tree near the parking lot. I was gone a whole eight minutes. Big deal.

Baseball cookie

Baseball cookie

Although I got no rabbit’s feet this week, Mike finally unwrapped my baseball cookie from Cooperstown, N.Y., birthplace of baseball and baseball-related dog treats.  Mike’s first pitch fluttered before me like a knuckle ball, and  I sniffed at the frosting but didn’t offer. Ball one, the umpire said.  (Listen closely and you can hear Rick Rizzs, the Voice of the Seattle Mariners, call a game in the background.) But when I let another pitch go by and this time the umpire called it a strike, I started to whine.


Luckily, I did not get tossed out of the game for arguing about balls and strikes! I couldn’t risk letting another pitch go by, however, so when Mike offered me the cookie again, I swung into action, grabbing it in my mouth, cracking it into smaller pieces and crunching them down like they were peanuts and cracker jack. Yum and um! It was good enough to make me endure another summer of Mike and his frustration with Mariners baseball.


Last sighting of cookie

Last known sighting of baseball cookie

Thanks again to my aunts in Syracuse for sending it to me! In return, maybe I’ll send along some smoked salmon fillets or Cougar Gold cheddar the next time Mike and Heather visit. I’ll also send back an empty cookie tin, and I’m sure you’ll be filling it with more treats and sending it back.




2 responses to “Chloë Welcomes Summer with a Treat

  1. charles kolsky

    Yes, but those eight minutes were an eternity to those of us who care.

  2. I am so enjoying these adventures and thoughts of Chloe, quite insightful for this furry child.

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