Chloë Tours Her New Office

Outside the new digs

Outside the new digs

Heather’s office changed locations a few weeks ago. Now it takes her a bit longer to drive there, which translates into less time with Heather for me. Every morning before she goes to work, we get to cuddle in her bed, and when she comes home, I get to cuddle with her in my camp chair while Mike makes dinner. Now there’s 15 minutes less cuddling every day of the week. Neither one of us is pleased, but as we’ve learned many times, it is what it is.

Obeying the rules

Obeying the rules

On the other hand, the new office itself  turned out to be much better than the last one, in my opinion. A couple of  weeks ago Heather had to get something from her office on a Saturday, so Mike and I took the opportunity to scope out the new place, located in an office park that seemed to be far outside the city on our drive thee. Once we arrived, however, I liked it immediately. It had grassy fields, forested areas, a creek  running through it and a system of walking trails with bridges and benches. The fields and parking lots surrounding the buildings look like great spots for fetch. Whenever I  have to come to work with Heather, there will be plenty of ways to get exercise without leaving the premises. Even though we won’t have that huge, unused conference room for ball-chasing anymore, I liked the lay of the land here.

6-Heather's New Office

Moving in

The interior was nice, too. Heather and I work on the second floor, so we have to either take the elevator or climb a flight of stairs. Heather’s office is at the back, far away from the company bigwigs and not far from the kitchen, both of which seemed good to me. Heather has her own space with a door (no name on it yet!), a corner office with windows on two sides. I understand this to be considered prime real estate in the corporate world, but the sense I get from Heather is she might as well be in the windowless inner office she had before for all the looking out the window she’ll do during the day. She gets in a trance sometimes, I swear.

Guard station

Guard dog station

Anyway, I staked it out, plotted where I wanted to position my chair, made sure Heather remembered to unpack her box of office Milk Bones and found out where some of my regular office friends would be in the new layout.  I  need to track down every one of my co-workers who keeps biscuits in their desks.

Surprisingly, our weekend dry run has not yet translated into a real going-to-work experience since the move happened.  I usually go to Heather’s office when Mike goes away to visit his mom . Maybe another one of those trips will happen soon. I know other dogs have already been staking claims to the new office, and I need to assert my innate superiority as quickly as possible.

Milk Bones arrive safely

Milk Bones arrive safely

2 responses to “Chloë Tours Her New Office

  1. Heather – congratulations on the nice new office space. Chloe’s blue chair (and Milk Bones) seem to fit well. The nearby trails look great, too. I do hope you give your eyes a break from time to time with a glance or two out the window. Really, it is good for the eyes and the hear, too! Cheers.

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