Chloë Begins a New Year

Elk Jerky

Elk Jerky

I am looking forward to a big year in 2015. My nose is already perking up with the possibilities. See, when Mike reordered my monthly flea-worm medication (a little pill that tastes like liver!)he needed to buy something else to push the cost high enough to get free shipping. Mike can’t resist a bargain, so he searched the site quickly and ordered me some elk jerky. Well, I haven’t exactly gotten any elk jerky yet. But I know it’s in the hall closet because I can smell it—the sweet smell of success, as far as I’m concerned.

Chloë and Bingo

Chloë and Bingo

Although the disappearing Great Dane Titan has not resurfaced, I have recently renewed acquaintances with Bingo, who lives in the park’s Officers Row, and Molly, a curly black cockapoo who I knew when we were puppies around the same age. We hadn’t seen each other in years, and I was excited to see her…for about 15 seconds. The thrill was gone. I was a bit more interested in Bingo, who held my interest for a minute or two. Bingo wanted to play, but frankly, I’d rather fetch my ball with Mike. No offense or anything. I like Bingo, I’ll give him a wag, but I’d rather play by myself and be with my pack.

Chloë with Charlie and Elise at the Locks

Chloë with Charlie and Elise at the Locks

Heather has determined that I consider my pal Charlie to be a member of my pack, because he lived with us for a while last fall. I recall it was only a couple of days, but maybe it was longer; remember, I only live in the moment, so it’s hard for me to keep track of time. Heather says this level of bonding with Charlie explains why I go so wild when he comes over to see me, whine every time he leaves the room, and jump up on the furniture to sit in his lap. In reality, it’s just that I know Charlie will give me treats and rub my head and ears to my heart’s content.

Charlie’s daughter Elise visited him last week and came over for a visit. She goes to school in Atlanta, Ga., and I had never met her before, but I knew she must be OK even before she arrived because she is a subscriber to this my blog, and all my subscribers are extraordinary people. So I took her and Charlie on a long walk through the park and the cemetery and all the way to the Ballard Locks, where we watched boats locking through and crossed over into the botanical garden on the Ballard side. Elise seemed to enjoy it, even though it was pretty chilly. I didn’t get to stay with her very long, but I definitely liked Elise, because I could tell she is a genuine dog person. Besides, I know that Charlie loves her, and since Charlie’s an official member of my pack, so we’re almost sisters.

I hope Elise comes back again in the summer when the weather’s a little better, and I can take her to some of the really neat places I know out on the OP.

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